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JanSport has served college and university bookstores, and actively participated in the bookstore, and actively participated in the bookstore industry for over forty years. Today we source blank apparel in the Americas and bring it to Appleton, Wisconsin where 400+ JanSport employees decorate the apparel to fill 100% of our custom decorated apparel orders. Watch the video!

JanSport is committed to making sure that the products you select for your next journey or experience deliver not only on the quality, performance, and innovation expectations that you have, but on the safe, positive, and fair working environments in which they are manufactured. Through our parent company VFC Corp. we’ve taken steps to assess, improve, and monitor those conditions and connect you to VF CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY for the most complete and accurate information directly available and constantly updated.

Specific to JanSport and within the context of sourcing in Bangaladesh, JanSport does not, nor has JanSport ever, had product manufactured in Bangaladesh. To find out more about VF and efforts underway in Bangaladesh by clicking the button below.