Digital Wrap in Burrito

Bag of the Day


Getting organized is finally fun thanks to the Digital Wrap. One of the newer products in our Digital Collection, this innovative accessories organizer makes it easy to keep all your stuff together, neat, and tidy anywhere. Just stuff, roll, and go. It comes in practical black, plus a variety of bright, bold patterns to keep you amused as well as organized. Our current fave is Burrito because… (You guessed it!) When we first launched this, it sold out fast. So if you want it, grab it now.


Why We Love It

A great little accessories pouch makes your life easier—and this one puts the fun in functional. Seriously. This Digital Wrap not only looks like a super burrito—it’s super functional. And hey, if you have to carry all of your digital stuff with you everyday, why not be organized and have fun doing it? The Digital Wrap starts with 600 Denier Polyester so it’s durable and flexible. Inside, you’ll find a zippered mesh pocket for things like ear buds, thumb drives, cords, a power brick. The elastic power-cord loops let you hook in and securely hold your USB cables, adapters, pens, a highlighter, as well as your power cords. When you’ve got everything you need in place, just roll it up and toss it in your backpack. A Velcro strip keeps it rolled up tight a looking good no matter where your day takes you.

What’s it fit?

All your digital and electronics accessories. Most people use it for things like 2 or 3 pens, a thumb drive, a USB Cable, a micro adapter, ear buds, a phone-charger cord, a couple of cords and a power brick.

Guaranteed for Life