Overexposed in Fluorescent Pink / Violet Purple

Bag of the Day


On the hunt for a lightweight backpack that’s roomy, stylish, and sizzling hot pink? Get comfy and get a good look at the Overexposed. With the same dimensions and cargo capacity as the world-famous SuperBreak, the Overexposed is a best-selling backpack that’s poppin’ with style. And by style we mean pretty in pink with bold purple accents.


Why We Love It

It’s pink. Hot pink. Hot pink with purple zippers and pulls that pop—from across the room or across the street. And did we mention, it’s pink, really pink. The Overexposed has all the same great features and capacity of the popular SuperBreak with even more style. It’s ultra lightweight (only 12 ounces) and extremely durable with a simple design that’s practical and functional. The large main compartment gives you plenty of room for all your big stuff. The front utility pocket lets you keep your small everyday essentials organized and easy to grab on the go. Got a lot to carry? No problem. That’s what the SuperBreak does—really comfortably. Its 3/4 padded back panel and straight-cut padded shoulder straps make this a comfortable backpack to carry all day, every day. If you’re someone who loves pink (You know who you are!), you’re gonna really love the Overexposed in Fluorescent Pink/Violet Purple. This pack is sweet eye candy. With this backpack on your shoulder, you’ll not only stand out in any crowd you just might stand out on the planet.


What’s it fit?

All your everyday gotta-have stuff. We’re talkin’ 2 or 3 books full of big ideas, a few paperbacks, 1 large binder, 2 or 3 spiral notebooks, a calculator, a bunch of pens and pencils, a journal with secrets and dreams, a bag lunch for eating and/or trading, a cell phone, and MP3 Player.

Guaranteed for Life