Wheeled Superbreak in
Multi watercolor spots

Bag of the Day

Looking for a really fun roller pack? Pull over and take a look at this adorable, new Wheeled SuperBreak. One of our best-selling rolling backpacks (and highest-rated!), this popular convertible delivers good capacity, great cruise control, and easy access to your stuff—on wheels or on your shoulder. We’re a little obsessed with this pack in Multi Watercolor Spots. This new, bright, bubbly pattern transforms a serious working wheelie bag into stylish eye candy.


Why We Love It

This roller backpack is hard to resist—it looks like a gumball machine on wheels and performs like the best. Corner-mounted inline skate wheels give you a smooth ride, and the retractable, three-stage, molded-rubber handle make this pack easy to maneuver anywhere. Many people consider this the best everyday roller pack. Why? High-quality materials combined with a smart, simple design. It’s tough enough to be super durable (added protection from skid rails) and lightweight so it works great as a backpack too. Just pull out the tuck-away shoulder straps and it quickly converts to a comfortable pack that’s functional and roomy. The large main compartment gives you plenty of space for your big stuff. The front utility pocket lets you keep your small everyday items together, organized, and easy to access on the move. Got to change gears quickly? No problem. The padded grab handle makes it easy to lift and carry on the fly. Whether you’re cruising through an airport or down a crowded hallway, this pack will make you (and probably everyone you pass) very happy.

What’s it fit?

All your everyday stuff and more. That means 2 or 3 books, a few paperbacks, 1 large binder, 2 or 3 spiral notebooks, a calculator, a bunch of pens and pencils, bag lunch, a cell phone and MP3 Player.