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Surround Yourself With Blue to Keep Calm This Back-to-School Season

Mandy Carr Jun 11, 2024

Back-to-school time can be exciting. You get to see your friends again, start new classes, and maybe even join a new club or get back into the swing of the old one.

But this time can also bring its fair share of stress. Maybe math class is shaping up to be a little tougher, or you’re stepping into a more senior role at the school newspaper. While a new year brings excitement, it can also bring pressure. 

Luckily, there’s an easy trick that can help you ease that stress—the color blue. It can help bring some calm and relaxation to your life when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 


Blue: The Calm You Need This Back-to-School Season 

The answer to relieving your stress may be the color blue. There’s a whole psychology around the color blue, according to a Verywell Mind article. Studies have shown it can evoke feelings of calm and relaxation, and being surrounded by it can even increase productivity. New year, more productivity: Sounds like a good mix, eh? 

Check out these other back-to-school tips to help you jumpstart the new year. Just because it can be overwhelming doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. 


Add Calm to Your Style 

A great first step in adding calm to your life is through your wardrobe. A pretty blue dress or bold top could be the perfect option to help you ease into the school year in style and tranquility. 

You can also accessorize in blue. Consider the Classic Hat in hydrangea corduroy to keep the sun out of your eyes and relaxation on your mind. Or you might need a bag for the new school year anyway, so why not pick up a blue one? 

There are a ton of options to choose from, like the classic Right Pack in navy, the Restore Pack in hydrangea or the boho-chic SuperBreak® Plus in mushroom melancholy blue. 

Maybe the elemental blue corduroy Granby bag is more your vibe—it’s not only stylish, but can bring organization to a somewhat chaotic time. With a dedicated compartment for your laptop and five organizer compartments, everything you need can have its place. And you also have two bottle compartments so you can stay hydrated—another secret to staying cool, calm, and collected. 

If corduroy isn’t your style, this white Cool Student bag has blue flowers and butterflies that might fit more with your aesthetic. Especially if you pair it with the pretty blue dress we mentioned earlier. It also has multiple organizational pockets, two main compartments for your books, and a sleeve for your laptop. 

Blue shoes can add a serene flair while blue jewelry sparkling on your hand or in your ears can help you to stay calm throughout the day. Try some blue nail polish for a calming effect as you type up that assignment. These little, constant reminders are a great way to keep peace top of mind. 


Create a Study Sanctuary

You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your room this year, whether that’s in your family home or in a dorm, so creating a place to relax and where you can get a lot of work done is key. Decorate your room with blue! You don’t have to do a huge paint job, maybe it’s just blue accents like throw pillows and curtains—or go bigger with some new bedding or furniture.

Since blue can help with productivity, deck out your supplies in blue. Think small but useful, like blue notebooks, a laptop cover or desk organizer. Surrounding yourself with blue will help keep you calm when cramming for that midterm or working late on that paper. While there will be the occasional cram session, boosting your productivity and getting the studying and assignments done sooner can help lessen your stress, too. Maybe you’ll be more motivated to do so with all your new, blue gear.

Stress can make you distracted, making it harder to get things done. You’ll have a lot on your plate in the new school year, so anything you can do to help you stay on task is essential. And since calm and focus go hand in hand, every little helps. 


Use Blue in Your Mindfulness Practice 

Blue can even be a tool used in your self-care practice. This might be as simple as setting a blue background on your phone or laptop—or go one further and take a picture of the sky on a particularly sunny day. Then, visualize the sky or the ocean in your meditation. Focusing on these relaxing visuals will give your brain the break it needs between classes and study sessions. 

Remember, if you are feeling nervous about the new school year, that’s totally okay. But using the color blue cas a reminder to breathe can help you conquer your stress and rock your classes this year. 

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