8 Key Office Supplies to Bring on Your First Day at the Job

Maya Capasso Jun 17, 2024

Congratulations on your new job! Your hard work paid off and you’re ready to join the workforce. But it’s natural to feel a little nervous before starting. You want to be prepared for everything your office job throws your way. Packing your bag full of supplies can help you feel—and become—ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

From a favorite pen or fidget toy to mugs and sweaters, here are some essential office supplies and tips that you need to know.


Remember Your Phone Charger

Maybe your job requires you to take calls on your personal phone, or perhaps you just need a little distraction during your lunch break—you will need a charger to keep your phone juiced up. I always keep a charger in my car, but if you’re biking or taking the train to work, you won’t have the chance to charge on your way. Nothing is more annoying than seeing a low battery symbol in the middle of the work day. You don’t need that extra stress. Simply slip your phone charger in the handy organization panel of your Landings Pack for peace of mind. 


Keep a Sweater for a Chilly Office

You won’t find out how hot or cold your boss keeps the office until you arrive on your first day. Stick a nice sweater in your backpack—there’s ample space in any bag from the Liminal Series, like the Journey Pack in deep juniper, to make sure you stay warm if the office feels like a freezer. No one wants to shiver all day, especially not on the first day on the job. When you feel the goosebumps start to rise on your skin, pull out your favorite sweater to feel comfortable. This will likely help you perform better, too. Win-win! 


Bring the Best Pens

Most office jobs will provide you with pens. You may be taking notes and jotting down information quite a few times throughout the work day. That being said, I’m very picky about my pens and have clear favorites that I go to time and time again. Plus, having something you’re familiar with can help put you at ease, too. Put a few of your favorite pens or pencils into your Perfect Pouch before tossing them into your backpack to make sure you have the best of the best on your first day. 


Don’t Forget the Snacks

While bringing lunch on the first day at work is likely top of mind, remembering snacks to chow down on throughout the day might not be up there. But you might regret leaving your favorite chips behind when 11 a.m. rolls around and you’re craving something salty. I believe snacks are essential office supplies to keep your energy up all day long. Plus, having some in your backpack means you won’t have to spend time hunting them down when cravings strike!


Take a Fidget Toy

Working in an office usually means spending a lot of time sitting at the computer or on the phone. If you’re like me, you start getting antsy just before lunchtime rolls around. Throw a few stress balls or a fidget spinner in your Inbound Pack to keep your hands and mind occupied. Grab it whenever you feel your leg jostling up and down or when your mind wanders to help you maintain focus. 


Stick Your Earphones in Your Bag

If you’re lucky, your manager will let you listen to music or podcasts while stuffing envelopes, scanning paperwork, or completing other rote tasks. But you won’t be able to listen to anything if you leave your earphones at home. Slip them into the accessible front pocket of your Station Pack for easy access to all of your tunes. Even if the boss doesn’t allow employees to wear headphones in the office during work time, you may want them to keep you occupied on your break or during your commute. 


Grab a Mug Before You Head Out

Drinking from that old stained coffee mug in the back of the office kitchen cabinet is questionable at best. Don’t get stuck with the nastiest mug or worse—no mug at all. Instead, bring one from home so you can enjoy coffee or tea in the office while sipping on a little piece of home. To me, coffee is an essential office supply and missing out on a fresh cup because you don’t have a mug is a shame. Preparation is the name of the game!


Pack Your Planner 

The first day of a new job can feel overwhelming—especially if your boss and coworkers begin to give you many tasks with various deadlines. I didn’t think this through before my first day, so I ended up writing a bunch of memos for myself on sticky notes, scraps, and once even on the back of my hand. Don’t be like me! Remember to bring your planner in your bag so you can write down your assignments and tasks in one organized place. This will also surely impress your new boss, making you look organized and ready to hit the ground running.

What other office essentials will you bring on the first day of your new job?