Bright Colors Backpacks

Neon and Brightly Colored Backpacks

At JanSport, we fully believe it’s important for a student to be their unique self and express their individual style. That’s why we offer a virtual rainbow of neon backpacks for you to choose from. From Cyber Pink to Amazon Green to Tahitian Orange to our classic Navy, our backpacks feature explosive colors that won’t fade or run. And best of all, these backpacks deliver everything you expect out of JanSport’s backpacks – extreme durability, flexible versatility, and all of the storage capacity you need.

JanSport’s Most Popular Backpacks in Your Favorite Colors

JanSport has neon colors available in all of our most popular backpack lines, including Big Student, DigiBreak, Digital Student, Overexposed, Half Pint, and Mesh. You can even pick up a matching Vector Pouch, Pixel Accessory Pouch, or Fifth Avenue Pack to complete your ensemble. This year, showcase your very own sense of style and fashion all over campus with neon backpacks from JanSport.

Whether you’re going to college, to high school, to the gym or even on vacation, the sheer versatility of JanSport’s backpacks offer storage solutions for every one of life’s scenario. And, when you buy a neon backpack from JanSport, you’re not only getting a great backpack, you’re getting a backpack that’s guaranteed for life!