New Fabrics & Textures

New Fabrics & Textured Backpacks

At JanSport, we’re serious about backpacks. That’s why we’re always bringing in new fabrics and textures to help take our products to the next level. Here, you’ll find some of our most recent additions like our ultra-durable micro check denim, silver sparkle twill, gleaming metallic nylons, and red tape ornate flock. These fabrics and textures not only look great, they offer all of the durability that JanSport’s backpacks are so well known for.

Choose the Textured Backpack That Fits Your Lifestyle

With so many new fabrics and textured backpacks being introduced, it’s never been easier to find the perfect backpack for your unique lifestyle; especially when you consider all of the vibrant solid colors and intricate patterns already available in our collection! JanSport leads the way because we’re always striving to bring new features, like padded technology sleeves, cell phone pockets, inline skate wheels, and water bottle pockets to the backpack models you know and love and now, we’re taking that commitment to the very fabrics we use to make our bags.

Shop online at today for backpacks featuring the very latest fashions, colors, fabrics, and textures in our collection. Be the first in your school to own the next big thing in school supplies. And, don’t worry if you’re buying a backpack featuring a new type of fabric or finish; every backpack we sell is guaranteed for life!