Personalize Your Pack With JanSport

Make It Your Own at JanSport's Personalization Shop

Make It Your Own at JanSport's Personalization Shop

Make it your own.

Our new Personalization Shop is full of on-trend pins and iron-on patches to help you express yourself and make your pack your own.  Find 25+ new ways to express yourself, only at

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How do you apply your patch?

  1. Remove your patch from its package
  2. Pre-heat an iron for 5 minutes on the highest setting (DO NOT USE STEAM)
  3. Place the iron paper over your desired location and iron for 30 seconds
  4. Place your patch with the adhesive side down on your desired location and cover with the iron paper
  5. Using a back and forth motion, press firmly with your iron for 30 secons.  DO NOT apply the iron directly on the patch and fabric as some color transfer may occur
  6. Remove iron for 5 seconds
  7. Repeat step 5
  8. Remove iron and allow the patch to cool thoroughly
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Recommended application on polyester and cotton fabrics only.  DO NOT apply on nylon, rayon, leather, or similar fabrics.

The use of iron paper is required to prevent color transfer of the product onto the backpack or iron.  Failure to use barrier material over the product may result in staining for which the manufacturer will not assume liability.