Commuting to College Tips - How to Survive Your Commute to College

Mandy Carr Aug 02, 2021

Whether you’re trying to save money or simply prefer to live at home, there are plenty of good reasons for opting out of dorm life and choosing off-campus housing instead. Sure, that means you might not be able to roll out of bed and head to class in your PJs, but you can still get the full college experience. Follow these tips to make commuting during your freshman year a breeze.

Make Roll Call

Your mother always said to leave 15 minutes early; you’ll definitely want to heed her advice now. After all, parking on campus can be chaotic. You don't want to be late for class (or miss it entirely) because you couldn't find a spot. It's good to learn all the parking lots on campus, so you can figure out which areas are most likely to have openings at each time of day. And if your school offers shuttles between buildings, definitely utilize them. That way, you can park wherever you find space and not worry about having to switch between buildings.


Using public transportation? This advice applies to you too. Buses and subways often experience delays, so give yourself enough wiggle room so that you won’t be stressed out if things are running behind schedule.


Look for the Lounge

The commuter lounge will be your best friend. You can do your homework there between classes, and if they offer lockers, you can leave behind the books you won’t need right away. Pro tip: This is also a great place to take power naps. Obviously you want to be courteous to other people, but a good 10- to 20-minute snooze in the lounge just might help you ace that test or provide you with the energy you need to drive home.


If you don’t have a commuter lounge on your campus, check out your student center for resources. And of course, there’s always the library for studying. Don’t be afraid to power nap there too if you’re desperate. (You’ll probably notice fellow students doing the same thing…)


Show Your School Spirit

A good college experience isn't just about acing all your classes. It's also about what you do while you're there. It can be harder to make friends at school if you’re not living in the dorms—but that doesn’t make it impossible. The best way to meet new people is to get involved on campus: join clubs, write for the school paper, try out a team, go to plays or sporting events, and participate in campus activities. You could even look into getting a job on or near the campus. Yes, you’ll still have a long commute home afterward, but spending more time at school will help you make friends. Get ready to create some of your best college memories.


Carry Your Stuff in Style

You’re definitely going to need a stylish, durable backpack to hold your laptop and all of your books as you commute back and forth. The Main Campus and Agave have room for all your school gear, and they come in multiple colors and designs so you can show off your personality. The Hatchet Backpackis another excellent option for protecting your laptop and carrying all your supplies. The bottom and trims are made from premium vegan leather, so you can stay true to your values every day.


Check out more laptop backpacks to get you ready for your first year of college. Good luck!