Check Out Our Most Eco-Conscious Backpack Ever

Recycled SuperBreak


Searching for a sustainable backpack? Look no further.


The JanSport SuperBreak backpack was the style that started it all. Now in 30 colors and prints, it’s known as one of the most durable backpacks for school. (When you think of JanSport, it’s probably the style you remember first.) Now, there’s a new sustainable backpack that combines this classic look with an even stronger focus on eco-conscious design. The JanSport Recycled SuperBreak uses 100 percent recycled polyester fabric, with an updated structure to eliminate waste. Not only that, but it’s also fully packable: light, easily stored away, and quickly pulled out when needed. Here’s why, if you’re thinking over different sustainable bag options, the Recycled SuperBreak might be the perfect fit.


This is the latest product in JanSport’s long-term commitment to be even more sustainable. The 100 percent recycled fabric—called Cordura® ECO Fabric—is made out of recycled factory waste like soda and water bottles. Eight top-selling JanSport backpacks use recycled materials and 13 million plastic bottles’ worth of recycled polyester have been used this season alone.

What makes the Recycled SuperBreak different is that the bag’s even more eco-conscious: The fabric, webbing, labels, and cording are all 100 percent recyclable. (In case you forget, the info’s right there on the front label.) JanSport also has Global Recycled Standard Certification on the polyester and nylon—meaning it’s been verified by an outside source. Sustainability isn’t just about bags, either; JanSport factories are incorporating energy efficiency and renewable energy sources to help reduce our carbon footprint. The work doesn’t stop here, but this kind of product is a huge step forward.



The future of adventure gear doesn’t have to be big and bulky. After all, with minimal waste also comes maximum room and sturdiness. The light and durable Recycled SuperBreak doesn’t have any foam, which is usually used in the back panel and straps. This is so that the bag can be fully packable into the front utility pocket when it needs to be stored away for the next big adventure.

The inside is simple and spacious, with enough room for a small laptop and any needed gear. Plus, it’s designed not to fray or tear. This means, in essence, that this light bag works for a quick trip to the park (yoga, anybody?), a short day hike or beach day, and even a climate rally (once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, of course). Then it stores away neatly until you need it again.



The backpack’s five colors (black, olive, red, oyster, and yellow) are designed to be totally versatile depending on what the bag’s needed for. Combined with how easy it is to throw it in a suitcase, that means that it’ll work as a travel or school accessory basically anytime. Plus, it’s easy to accessorize with something fun, weird, or quirky—just try to make it something that’s not too big and bulky, so you can still pack it away when you’re done with it. Oh, and the bag (just like all JanSport backpacks) has a lifetime warranty, just in case.

The Recycled SuperBreak is perfect for the adventurous student who cares about the environment. Let us know what you think!


By: Katherine J. Igoe