Experience the adventure of three Australian street artists as they paint one giant wall over five days in Sydney, Australia.


From exploring the city’s funky suburbs to surfing in Bondi and Manly beach, everyone got a taste of all the unique and iconic things Sydney has to offer. Vegemite ain’t so bad— so long as it’s slathered on toast with some avocado. In Oz, you can put anything on a piece of toast and call it brekkie.


Street art can take artists on adventures near and far as they search for the next source of inspiration or epic wall to paint. And in turn, the artist puts bits of the world they’ve explored along the way back into the mural for others to interpret.

You can’t imagine the size of a wall until it smacks you in the face with all its magnitude. It took over 5 days in (sometimes) blazing heat and (too often) torrential rain to get this 98 ft x 43 ft canvas painted.

FLAT OUT (flat aut) | adjective

1. Aussie phase expressing that you’ve been very busy or working hard




Shannon Crees lives and works in Sydney, Australia. An accomplished international artist, she creates works on canvas and paints large scale murals both locally and internationally. She was the only Australian artist included in the high profile line up of ‘the best graffiti artists in the world’ at ‘Banksy’s Cans Festival 2’ in London.



Ruskidd calls Melbourne, Australia home and has developed a unique and diverse style for street art murals and smaller scale paintings. His work engages the viewer with vibrant uplifting colors, free flowing organic lines, and recurring motifs, exploring the interplay between nature’s shapes and patterns, and giving a dynamic movement to each artwork. Live painting at various venues, commissions and collaborations with other artists drives him to push the boundaries and create works that adapt to any scale and environment.



George Rose is a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia with a flair for not taking life too seriously. She spends most of her time up ladders painting murals, hand lettering signs of inappropriate things she thinks of, installing sculptures or pasting up giant illustrations. She feels most as home with a paintbrush in hand but also likes the feel of a pen, spray can or Wacom tablet.

She has spent the last several years pretending to be a gypsy, rarely in one city for longer than a few months, completing art commissions for clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.



Sure, it’s cliche, but there’s no better way to kick-off an adventure in Sydney than at the Harbour Bridge. You can walk across it, hike on top of it, or wander beneath it at the weekly farmers market. Even the rain couldn’t dampen the artists’ spirits while touring around the iconic bridge.

There’s no better way to cool off on a hot day than taking a dip arvo at one of Sydney’s beaches (there are over 100!). Maybe you have a shark phobia, or perhaps you just feel like being a sun lizard without getting sand in your cheeks. Then check out one of the many public saltwater rock pools, almost every beach has one. The insta-worthy Icebergs pool is a great pitstop on the hike from Bondi to Bronte.

ARVO (arh-voh) | noun

1. slang for “in the afternoon”

Ex. “Let’s go to the beach arvo.”

HEAPS (heeps) | adverb

1. Aussie word that means “a lot”

Ex. “That was heaps fun!”

We took a quick trip back to the 1930’s at Luna Park. It’s a kitschy old theme park tucked below the bridge and the perfect place to let loose and play classic carnie games.

Blue skies and long days are spent with good ol’ human powered adventures. Surfing, skating, lawn bowling, swimming, kite flying, and heaps of SPF. Sydney is a let your hair-down, kick your shoes off kind of place. And don’t be surprised if you actually see people walking around barefoot, it’s sort of a thing.

HEAPS (heeps) | adverb

1. Aussie word that means “a lot”

Ex. “That was heaps fun!”

Newtown was home base for the Live Outside artists. Thrift stores, record shops, DIY jewelry, vegan bakers, and rule breakers are all squished together in this slice of off-beat Sydney. Don’t let the rough edges fool ya, stroll through any of its alley ways and you’ll find a treasure trove of colorful street art.

Two days of adventuring around Sydney. Five days of non-stop painting. And one final night to celebrate it all! Shannon, Ruskidd, and George left a beautiful mark on Sydney - cheers to the #LiveOutside2017 crew!



Last year's badass mural, our 5th in 4 years, was painted by Mari, Nina and Mateu in the of neighborhood Santa Teresa in Rio.

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