Whether you’re trekking the backcountry or backpacking in your own backyard, you need a backpack that’s built to last. For the past 50 years, we’ve made iconic gear for any adventure life has in store. Wherever you’re headed, grab the ultimate daypack to help you get there. Discover freedom with JanSport today. Then, leave your mark for good.

Find the Best Backpack for You

Looking for the best backpack? JanSport makes iconic backpacks and bags for men and women, for travel and school, for outdoor and city adventures. Grab your water bottle and find a backpack or messenger bag that will help you discover the world and never go back!

Backpacks for Any Adventure

Grab a backpack that showcases where you've been, where you're going, and who you are. We've got all the styles—and, let's be honest, plenty of personality. Go ahead, rock a look that's all you with our new arrivals.

From florals to fun pops of color, shop our best-sellers to round out your look. Express yourself with dozens of prints from classic camo to the fan-favorite galaxy prints. Level up your look with a mesh backpack or a leather backpack made with premium vegan leather that is built to last. If you're worried about getting your backpack wet when it's raining, you can't go wrong with the water-resistant Cool Student backpack.

Pack More. Everyday. 24/7.

Go ahead, carry a spare everything with JanSport today. All of our school backpacks are precisely engineered with plenty of hands-free storage for all of your essentials. Our padded laptop sleeves allow you to pack a 13-inch laptop or a 15-inch laptop to ensure it's protected during your commute. Plus, functional extras will help you go the distance. Our commuter backpacks are built with media in mind so you can protect your tech while on the move. Explore our travel backpacks or duffel bags before hitting the road if you're headed out of town. Plus, our durable outdoor convertible backpacks and hiking backpacks are ideal for tackling the unexpected.

We’ve got packs for any purpose with functional extras to help you go the distance. Our commuter backpacks are built with media in mind so you can protect your tech while on the move. If you’re headed out of town, explore our travel backpacks before hitting the road. Plus, our long-lasting outdoor packs are ideal for tackling the unexpected.

Made for adventure, with quality and durability you can trust

All of our travel backpacks are engineered with major quality, durability, and reliability. If your pack ever breaks down, you can simply return it to our Warranty Center. The best part? If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it. We’ve made top-rated packs since 1967. Wherever life takes you, JanSport is with you — for real. Seek adventure, have fun, and love the journey you’re on.


Can you wash a backpack?

Yes, you can wash a backpack by hand. Hand washing is key to maintaining the shape and finish of your bag, so stay away from the washing machine. Learn more about how to clean your Jansport so it will last a lifetime.

How to pack a backpack?

Pack a backpack with the heaviest gear on the bottom and must-have items towards the top of your backpack. Toss bulky items like shoes at the base of your backpack for safekeeping and store must-have essentials in a zippered mesh pocket so you can grab and go while on the move.

How to wear a backpack?

Wear a backpack with both straps tight on your shoulders to promote weight distribution. Your bag should never hang below your waist. Pro tip: Never bring more than you can carry. A backpack with a hip strap can be the ultimate solution to reducing strain on your back while moving.

Can you decorate a backpack?

When decorating your backpack, we've got your back. The outside pocket is our favorite place to decorate—a prime location for patches and pins. You can personalize your pack with patches and pins to make it completely your own.