Girls' backpacks that carry everything you need

Wherever she goes, you know we go. That's why we have everything from a small backpack to a laptop backpack to carry all her stuff. Fill a book bag with textbooks, a pencil case, and a lunch box and send her on the bus. Heading to grandma's for the weekend? Tuck a few changes of clothes, a face mask, and a water bottle into her backpack to make it a weekend travel bag. You can even tuck her spare jersey, cleats, and extra hair ties into her bag to pack for an away soccer game.

Kids are rough, so shop durable kids' backpacks

Get the durability of a rugged rucksack with a design that makes for a perfect school bag. School supplies can get heavy, but our shoulder straps and seams can stand up to the load. Our bags can easily last a whole school year, even stuffed full. If she'd rather not tote it all around on her back, she can also choose a rolling backpack with wheels that can withstand the city streets. When she’s waiting for the bus on a stormy day, she won't need to fear the rain. Our water-resistant daypacks keep her supplies safe. Just make sure to help her clean her pack when she gets back, for even longer-lasting gear.

Style for days in our school backpacks

She doesn't need a tie dye or sequin backpack to make a statement when she heads back to school. She's got a shimmer all her own. Small backpacks, large backpacks, and everything in between. It all comes in styles for every girl to love. Try a solid color bag, like red, green, or pink. Or she can pick a floral or animal print backpack or a spotted rainbow backpack for a bit of extra flair. Does she like her backpacks personalized? Help her make it her own with pins and patches.

Not sure where to start looking? A backpack bundle with a matching lunch bag is always a great way to make a splash. Or you can shop our best sellers to follow the latest trends.