Middle School Backpacks

Embark on a journey of streamlined functionality and iconic style with JanSport's middle school backpacks. We believe in making life as simple as possible for middle schoolers by redefining how they carry their essentials. Explore our collection of middle school backpacks—designed for tackling bustling school hallways, epic adventures, and everything in between.

Inclusive Design and Timeless Style

At JanSport, we believe in inclusivity, accessibility, and celebrating individual styles. With backpacks like the Central Adaptive Backpack, middle school adventurers and students of all backgrounds can stay organized and stylish with superior accessibility. This backpack is designed for carefree living, from its tangle-proof shoulder straps to the fumble-free release buckles. Plus, it has that iconic JanSport style.

Our middle school backpacks go beyond functionality to become expressions of individual style. Choose from a range of classic solid colors and trendy prints, like galaxy and floral, to match your personality.

Features That Matter

Dedicated Zippered Laptop Compartment: Safeguard devices with our dedicated zippered laptop compartment. Padded and secured to perfection, this compartment protects laptops from bumps and scratches during the daily middle school hustle. Check out the best-selling SuperBreak Plus, which takes on an iconic backpack and updates it with a convenient zippered laptop compartment. Water Bottle Pockets: Designed with secure elastic bands, these pockets keep water bottles in place, eliminating the risk of spills and providing peace of mind as students navigate their daily middle school adventures. Backpacks like the new Landings Pack boasts not one but two water bottle pockets, making sure staying organized and hydrated all day long is as easy as possible. Large Compartments with Internal Organization: Say goodbye to chaos. Backpacks like the Journey Pack have roomy main compartments with internal organization panels and zippered mesh pockets to categorize and organize your belongings. Everything has a designated space for easy retrieval. Stash Pockets: Stash pockets are the secret weapon for small and frequently used items. Whether it's keys, headphones, or your favorite pen, the pockets on bags like the Agave Backpack keep your essentials within reach.

Backpacks for Every Middle School Journey

Whether it’s navigating school hallways, sports practices, or an exciting sleepover, we have the best middle school backpack for you. For adventures that require more planning and packing, the new Pro Pack System is the organized backpack that dreams are made of. The Pro Pack System is a new collection of premium, modular bags that fit together and live separately but still meet all your needs. Featuring the Pro Pack Backpack and the Pro Crossbody Bag, the Pro Pack System is designed to be worn separately or together.

Middle School Backpacks from JanSport

At JanSport, we’re committed to helping students stay effortlessly organized on all their adventures. We believe in transforming the way they carry their belongings. Our extensive collection of middle school backpacks in endless designs is our way of always having their back. Explore our middle school backpack collection and redefine the best of middle school adventures..