Gym Backpacks and Workout Backpacks

When your latest adventure takes you to the gym for an epic workout, make sure you're equipped with a gym bag from JanSport. We’ve got the best gym backpacks that seamlessly blend style and functionality to meet all your fitness needs.


Versatile Gym Backpacks

Say goodbye to flimsy drawstring gym backpacks and wide-open tote bags. Step into the world of JanSport gym backpacks, where versatility reigns supreme. The SuperBreak® Plus AM Backpack seamlessly transitions from work to workout. It offers a sleek design and features that cater to your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether it's weights, yoga, or cardio, our gym backpacks ensure you have everything you need.

Workout Backpacks Built for Peak Performance

Some fitness journeys might require more than a backpack for trips to the gym. JanSport workout backpacks are your ultimate fitness companion, engineered with high-performance materials and innovative design elements. Featuring moisture-resistant compartments for sweaty gear, strategic ventilation for airflow, and a dedicated shoe compartment to keep your sneakers separate from your essentials, our duffel bags are designed to enhance your workout experience, one session at a time.
The SuperBreak® Away Duffel is available in 40L and 60L sizes. You can also find it in the AM model, which features an odor-busting Protx2W treatment to fight any lingering post-workout funk. These are the bags every serious and beginner athlete needs in their daily arsenal.

Gym Bags with Smart Organization

Stay organized with specifically designed compartments for your water bottle, gym clothes, toiletries, and more. Transition seamlessly from school or work to your fitness routine without missing a beat, thanks to the interior organizational features of our gym backpacks like the Women's Agave Backpack and the Odyssey Backpack.

Workout Bags with Comfort

Whether you're training for a big race or prioritizing your health, comfort is paramount in every fitness journey. At JanSport, our workout bags are designed to prioritize comfort and well-being. Padded shoulder straps, comfortable back panels, and ergonomic design ensure that you can focus on your workout, not your gear. Whether you're headed to the gym or the office, experience the freedom of traveling with ease.

Shop JanSport Gym Backpacks

With a legacy of over 50 years, JanSport is a brand synonymous with durability and innovation. Our workout bags exemplify our commitment to providing top-tier products that support your active lifestyle. With our legendary limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured we will always have your back.
Elevate your fitness journey with a JanSport gym backpack–where performance meets style. Explore our collection today and redefine the way you approach your workouts. No matter your gear or your goals, JanSport is here as the ultimate fitness ally.