When your latest adventure is heading to the gym to get a workout in, make sure you’ve got one of our duffel bag or fitness backpack top picks that has all the space and compartments you need.

Our best gym bags for after a workout

You don’t have to settle for a flimsy drawstring backpack or a wide-open tote bag. Slip your gym gear into a water-resistant gym backpack that has plenty of space for toiletries, a change of clothes, and your dirty clothes when you’re done. Whether you’re just packing a pair of running leggings and a fresh pair of socks or you’re hauling a yoga mat, full water bottle, and a spare pair of shoes, each of our sports backpacks can be stuffed full of gym clothes and more without breaking a sweat. You don’t have to go minimalist or bland either—our fitness backpacks come in all kinds of eye-catching colors and patterns.

Comfortable gym backpacks & duffels for an easy carry

When using a commuter backpack you can take your gym clothes to work. If you want to have the comfort of padded shoulder straps for a short walk around the corner, our sports backpacks are made for comfort. No more digging strings from a heavy drawstring bag. Re-fit your pack with adjustable straps for the best, most comfortable fit. Even when you’re sweating post-exercise, breathable mesh back panels keep comfort a priority. The relaxed fit also means you can get more than one use out of your gym bag.

Sports Backpacks

If you play a sport, then you know all about the hassles of carrying your gear to and fro. That’s why JanSport’s sports backpacks are so loved by athletes of every age. Our bags offer all of the room and convenient flexibility you need to get to the game and back with ease. Our sports backpacks are available in all sizes and styles, so no matter how much gear you have to carry, you’ll be able to find a bag designed to make your life easier.