Woman placing headphones into pink  JanSport Essential Carryall Bag

Style, But Make It Functional Too

Jamie Ditaranto Jan 17, 2023

If you’ve ever been pleasantly surprised to discover your new outfit comes with pockets, then you know how fun and delightful it is to blend style with function. If you have to keep a handle on a lot of stuff throughout the day, you need accessories that not only fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life but also go with every outfit. Here are our favorite bags that prove you can still be practical without compromising on style.


Go Hands Free

It’s no secret that fanny packs have made a major comeback in recent years. Loved in the ‘90s for its practicality and accessibility, for modern times it gets a cool do-over in some seriously sharp designs. Case in point, the Pakalong. This all-black fanny pack is built for today’s needs with a special pocket for your hand sanitizer and a clip for your mask. There’s also an extra pocket for stashing away dirty items and the material was designed to be wiped clean to keep your hygiene on point. The waist belt is adjustable and the main compartment is equipped with an organizing pocket so you’ll really be ready to roll.


Keep Organized

If you need more than your backpack’s built-in organization pocket to keep your life together then you need to try using the Cinch Caddy. This drawstring backpack accessory is designed to sit on the top of your bag, keeping all of your essentials separate from your books and electronics. It’s made of stretchy fabric and available in Bleached Denim, Coral Peaches, and the super fun Strange Daze print. So much more than just a bag inside a bag, the Cinch Caddy has an internal organization system, so you can store pens neatly while having enough room to stuff in your chargers and other essential items you’ll need for your day.


Hydrate on the Go

If you find yourself always reaching around for your water bottle while it’s still in your backpack, you may want to try carrying it on your shoulder. Available in five colors, ranging from pretty pastel pink and blue to neutral black, the Kitsack is a fun new way to make sure you are always within reach of your next swig.

Of course, this bag isn’t just a one-trick pony. It also features daisy loops, so you can clip just about anything onto with the help of a keychain or a carabiner and there is a stretchy mesh pocket on the back, perfect for stashing your small but important items like your keys. The Cordura fabric is also stretchy so the bag can accommodate most sizes of water bottles.


Travel Light

Purses and messenger bags are the original functional style item, but let’s face it, they can be kind of bulky. If you don’t need to be lugging all that stuff around, but still need to keep some key items on you, the Essential Carryall is the perfect compromise.

This crossbody bag is chic in its flat envelope-shaped design, but still super useful with a main compartment for your wallet. It also has a front pocket for quick stash items and another mesh pocket on the back that can store your phone in a concealed but easy-to-grab place. The fabric is stretchy and available in five neutral colors, including the pretty Misty Rose and Pale Banana. A dash of suede trim adds that collegiate touch for extra style points.

Functionality is always in style, but before you pick out your bag you may want to take a look at the top trends for 2022.