Are you keeping health and safety a top priority with coronavirus (COVID-19) on the brain? Then you know that along with social distancing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends face masks for slowing the spread. On the frontline, workers stay safe with medical-grade N95 masks. At home, we have the perfect daily mask for you and your family. Run errands, grab dinner with family or friends, head to work, and more with our ultra-comfortable face mask. Stay safe now and in the future!

Adjustable ear loops for face coverings that fit like a glove

Part of offering the most comfortable face mask for you is making sure you can adjust the fit to your unique face. Healthcare experts advise that the best face masks are ones that don't gape on the sides or bottom, like a bandana might. Our adjustable face mask offers a secure fit that doesn't constrict. Our mask hanger lanyard attaches to the elastic ear loops and secures behind your head for comfortable long-time wear. Beads on the adjustable ear straps let you quickly adapt for a snug fit. Where pleated cloth face masks can collapse in on your face, our center-seam design gives you space to breathe. If you wear glasses, you know that a nose piece is a blessing when it comes to preventing fogging. Our adjustable nose wire is doubled for a secure hold that won't kink or weaken over time.

Breathable fabric for our most comfortable face masks

We have the lightweight mask for you. We've opted to bypass multiple layers of cotton for one high-filtration layer. Each of our masks offers unprecedented breathability for all-day comfort. Breathable face masks are important for everyone, whether you're wearing your mask all day at work or simply putting it on for half an hour to pick up groceries. The semi-stretchy non-woven fabric is even perfect for working out or being active. Plus, the suede cotton edging makes your mask sides soft, so they won't irritate your skin. Our masks are the perfect size to slip into a fanny pack, or a plastic bag and tuck it in the side pocket of your backpack for emergencies.

Washable, reusable face masks for consistent pandemic protection

Even if you have an antimicrobial mask, it's not good to go long periods of time without washing it. Between the moisture-wicking fabric and the outer layer being exposed to potential bacteria, washing is a must. We've made it simple, with machine washable cotton fabric you can throw in with the rest of your laundry, and even dry in a pinch. If you had to tuck your mask into your favorite backpack, check our tips on how to clean a JanSport to get your bag ready for use.

Fanny packs and alt carry let you carry the essentials anywhere

When you need to go hands-free, but like to keep your essentials close by, nothing beats a fanny pack or a Half Pint bag for quick access. If you're a fan of disposable medical masks, tuck a few in your pack in case of emergency. Isolate your fabric mask in its own pocket, carry hand sanitizer, or just tuck away the items you touch frequently, like keys and phones, for later cleaning. When you head out, it makes a great place to store your wallet. Traveling? In go your boarding pass, tickets, and passport for easy access.