5 Great Organizing Tools To Make Life Easier

Jamie Ditaranto Sep 26, 2022

Organizing tips may seem like they will only make a small impact on your life, but a neater backpack can actually make a huge difference in reducing moment-to-moment stress. 

Having to constantly rummage through your backpack to find whatever you happen to be looking for at the moment, can add microdoses of stress to your day that can make anxiety worse.

Keeping an organized backpack is not just about looking neat and clean, because it can actually help you feel better. When you open your backpack and everything is just so—not in a big jumble of objects, you’ll see what we mean.

To be more organized in your day-to-day life, enlist the help of these easy organizing tools for your backpack.


For Small Items

Everyone knows the bottom of a messy backpack is a wasteland of pen caps, gum wrappers, and other bits and pieces. That’s why we love the Cinch Caddy as a catchall. It helps you keep all the important but tiny items in the top-tier spot they deserve. The drawstring caddy is designed to sit on the top of your backpack, cinching to the shape of the rounded top, and it has an internal organizing pocket to hold your chargers and other essentials in place.


For Your Accessories

​​If you like more traditional organizing tools—especially one you can show off in gorgeous cottagecore prints like Fields of Paradise and Lazy Sundaisies—go for the Large Accessory Pouch. This large pouch has two compartments, one for your pens and pencils, and another for your chargers.

The traditional rectangular shape of this pouch tucks nicely into your bag, but as an organizing tip, try to avoid letting it fall to the bottom of your bag where it will be crushed by other items. Instead, place it vertically, so you always can grab hold of it.


For Organized Compartments

If you can’t trust yourself not to lose track of your pouches and caddies, then you’ll need a backpack with an internal organization system. The Hatchet Backpack is one of our bestsellers—for good reason. Not only can it hold a 15-inch laptop, tablet, and two water bottles, it has a dedicated organizing compartment and extra stash pockets all-over which will help you stay organized even when you’re rushing on your daily commute.


For High-Tech and Heavy Loads

If your organizing woes are tech-heavy, we feel you. Chargers, wires, hard drives, external batteries, backup external batteries, and backup hard drives—the tech-loving life can really weigh down your backpack. That’s why we recommend the Agave Backpack for keeping your tech organized and safe with its heavily-padded design. There are two large main compartments, which can be combined into one extra-large compartment. There’s also a front utility pocket made for storing items you need to grab quickly and foam-lined sleeves for your tablet and laptop.


For Fun Times

You may not realize it but behind every good event or party is a highly-organized person making sure there’s always enough food and refreshments for everyone to keep the good vibes flowing. That’s why the Chill Pack is a fantastic tool for staying organized when you and your friends hit the beach or campsite for a good time. This multi-functional backpack is designed not only to carry your ice, beverages, and snacks but also to serve them with a water-tight top pouch that doubles as a cooler. It can hold up to 40 cans and six pounds of ice, plus there is a bottle opener attached to the bag so you never have to go rummaging for one.