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This month we head to Edmonton to meet Alyssa Lau, creative mind and style curator for her blog Ordinary People. Alyssa will be taking us to her local spots over the next month and giving us an insider look at Edmonton. 

Before we see Edmonton, we asked Alyssa to talk about her city. 

Describe a perfect day in your city. 
A perfect day in Edmonton sounds a little something like this: 27º Celsius and sunny with blue and clear skies (and to make this day even better, having a drink on one of Edmonton’s many patios with some friends is highly recommended) 

Favorite place to escape the city and experience the outdoors? 
Definitely the rivervalley. Edmonton has probably one of the most beautiful rivervalleys in Western Canada and some pretty incredible trails to complement the view.

Favorite late night food spot?  
Steel Wheels. It’s a kooky and graffiti-ed bar/restaurant run by the most adorable Korean family that offers cheap beers, kimchi pizza, and all other late-night guilty pleasures (read: green onion cakes). 

Favorite coffeeshop?
My favourite coffee shop is constantly changing given that Edmonton is home to some pretty amazing cafes. As of right now, my favourite coffee shop (which is also an adorable general store) is Little Brick, which resides in a century-old brick house with a lovely atmosphere and patio to match. 

Favorite neighborhood in your city? 
Belgravia. Not just because it’s where I grew up, but mostly because of it’s proximity to the river valley and character (no cookie-cutter homes here). 

Favorite music venue?  
Starlite room for its intimate atmosphere and some great bands/musicians. Favourite shop? When I go shopping, I generally look for unique pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere. With that being said, my go-to venue for shopping is Coup Boutique, which is a Parisian-inspired women’s garment boutique that offers some amazing labels from all across the world. 

Favorite road trip? 
Edmonton to Canmore. There’s nothing like a little bit of mountain to help you relax. Favourite season in your city? As great as 8-month long winters are (cue sarcasm), Edmonton summers are definitely my favourite season. There’s really nothing like having 14 hours of daylight and warmth. 

What is unique about your city and the people who call it home? 
Despite how small Edmonton is, there are some pretty incredible hidden gems around the city. And it seems that Edmontonians are constantly finding and creating new ones no matter where you go. 

What inspires you? 
Considering how much time I spend on the internet, most of my inspiration comes from images and videos I find on Tumblr and Pinterest. However, more than ever, I’ve been gathering inspiration (and motivation) from the people around me. 

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