June Pride Influencers

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To all the LGBTQ+ creators out there, Jansport is always with you. Here are a few of our favorites.

To all the LGBTQ+
creators out there,
Jansport is always
with you. Here are a
few of our favorites.



Isa is a multimedia artist and curator based in Philadelphia. They are currently focusing on photography and their photo work focuses on creating dreamlike worlds of color.



Hawwaa is a fashion designer and a digital artist. She loves playing with fabrics and yarns to create new garments and lately, crocheting has been her go-to mode of creation. She loves taking inspiration from everything around her and from life events. Sometimes it’s as simple as being inspired by color itself!



Natalia is a self-taught photographer and digital artist on a mission to transform the everyday into a visual playground. She produces, shoots and stars in her own images, and has a unique style that has garnered a stronger following on TikTok and Instagram. Her colorful photoshop composites reflect her emotions, fantasies, and unique oddities in her environment.

Veondre portrait



Veondre Mitchell, a Seattle native, is a US based Influencer and Activist who focuses on representation and inclusivity for all within the fashion industry. You can always find her confidently sharing her love for fashion on Instagram and TikTok through her fierce, chic, and bold sense of style; all while proudly representing and being an activist for the Trans community.



ARROWS is a model, musician, filmmaker, and producer born in the San Francisco Bay Area who currently lives in LA. ARROWS began in entertainment after appearing on MTV's Real World Ex-Plosion, and turned to YouTube to produce his own stories, shows and films that explore gender and identity through fashion.

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