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How can we help?

How to Clean a JanSport

Let's keep it clean out there, everybody. Whether you need a spot clean or generally spruce up your bag or backpack, we've got the how-to right here.


Step 1: Unload

Take everything out of each and every pocket. Turn the bag inside out or upside down and shake it over a garbage can to remove the little bits of dust and debris. Super committed? Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to get at the base and corners.


Step 2: Clean

First, back away from the washing machine. To maintain the shape and finish of your bag, we recommend cleaning by hand.

For our Cordura and 600D Polyester Fabrics (like the Right Pack, Big Student and SuperBreak), use cool water with a soft damp cloth to wipe down the interior and exterior of your pack, Never use bleach or harsh detergents on your bag. And remember to avoid any suede or leather trim on your pack as these areas could discolor if they get wet.

Hang dry

Step 3: Dry

If you used water to wash your fabric pack, hang your pack to dry completely before putting it into action again.

Adventure On

Step 4: Adventure On

For ongoing maintenance, consider a monthly routine of a quick wipe-down or brushing. With proper care, your JanSport bag will be with you for a lifetime of exploration.

Backpack Stain Remover

For use on 600 Denier polyester and Cordura® fabrics


Step 1: Spray cleaner onto a wet cloth, sponge, or brush and scrub thoroughly
Step 2: Wipe away excess moisture and dirt with a clean dry towel
Step 3: Allow to dry completely before using

Styles compatible with Backpack Stain Remover

Basic Accessory Pouch


Big Break

Big Campus

Big Student

Black Label Superbreak

Chill Break

Chill Pack

City Scout

City View

Cool Student


Cross Town

Cross Town Remix

City View Remix

Driver 8


Far Out 40L

Far Out 55L

Far Out 65L

Fifth Ave

Fifth Ave FX

Fifth Ave Suede


Full Pint

Full Pint FX

Gnarly Gnapsack 25L

Gnarly Gnapsack 30L

Good Vibes Gear Hauler 45

Good Vibes Gear Hauler 56

Half Pint

Half Pint 2 FX

Half Pint FX


High Stakes




Large Accessory Pouch

Lil Campus

Lil' Break

Lunch Break

Lunch Break FX

Lunch Tote

Main Campus

Medium Accessory Pouch

Mesh Pack

Metro Sling

Mini Waistpack

Mono Fifth Avenue

Mono Half Pint

Mono SuperBreak®

Quarter Pint

Quarter Pint FX

Recycled SuperBreak®

Right Pack

Right Pack Expressions

Right Pack LS

Right Pouch


Super FX

Super Lux


SuperBreak® Lite

SuperBreak® One

SuperBreak® Plus

SuperBreak® Plus FX

SuperBreak® Velvet

Super Suede

Trans Bazoo

Trans Dakoda

Trans Meadow

Trans Meadow Sling

Trans Meadow XL

Trans Midway

Trans Overt

Trans Super Cool

Trans Super Cool Lunch

Trans Supermax

Trans Supermax Lunch Bag


Way Out Waistpack

Way Out Suede


Weekender FX

Weekender Suede

West Break

Women's Agave

Wanna Talk?

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