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Browse the newest apparel, in
on-trend, everyday-cozy styles.

Browse the newest apparel, in on-trend,
everyday-cozy styles.

Getting Back to Basics

Looking good doesn’t need to be complicated. We understand this, and our basics collection offers all the sophistication with none of the fuss. Our collection of t-shirts is constructed from climate considerate cotton. Every t-shirt uses cotton specifically farmed to keep carbon out of the atmosphere and keep it in the soil. Stylish and sustainable? What could be better than that? T-shirts are the ultimate accompaniment. The stylish simplicity of these iconic pieces of women’s and men’s clothing knows no limits. No matter your outfit, there is a good chance that the right t-shirt is the final piece of the puzzle. Our brand-new t-shirts are the perfect addition to everything from blouses to blazers and sweatshirts to activewear. Whether you are looking for the right combination with cardigans, joggers, cargo pants, coats, jackets or accessories,

our basic t-shirts do the job. JanSport’s t-shirts are available from petite to plus sizes, from XS to XXL.

Hats for all Occasions

Whatever the weather, a hat or beanie pairs well with the classic t-shirt as the ultimate fashion accompaniment. JanSport’s hats and beanies keep heads warm and look cool. These new arrivals straddle the divide between lounge and life, making them an excellent addition to loungewear, gym wear, and everything else. However you decide to spice up your outfit, JanSport’s trucker hats, classic hats, and beanies are ready and waiting to bring that outfit together.

Another String to a Well-Stocked Bow

JanSport’s clothing is a welcome new arrival to the catalog. Since 1967, JanSport has been at the forefront of everything active, with an unrivaled selection of backpacks, for all lifestyles. These t-shirts and hats take JanSport’s standards and raise the bar. Whether you are looking for a t-shirt that makes that denim skirt sing or a hat to match your halter, handbag, or hoodie, JanSport’s clothing range is for you.