Embark on Epic Adventures with Outdoor Backpacks

When it comes to outdoor escapades, JanSport has your back. Our outdoor backpacks are your reliable partner, whether you're exploring a trail, conquering a peak, or immersing yourself in the wild beauty of nature. Welcome to the realm of JanSport outdoor backpacks, where your passion for adventure knows no boundaries.

Hiking Backpacks for the Great Outdoors

Our outdoor backpacks are more than just functional—they are your trusted companions on every journey. Crafted with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in mind, they ensure you're well-prepared for every challenge Mother Nature throws your way. Ultimate Comfort: Experience hiking like never before with padded shoulder straps and adjustable sternum straps, ensuring unparalleled comfort even during the most demanding ascents. The Odyssey Backpack is an excellent option for a comfortable and functional hiking backpack. Efficient Storage and Organization: Our hiking backpacks offer a multitude of pockets, compartments, and even hydration reservoir sleeves, guaranteeing that you can carry all your essentials while staying organized. The Hatchet Backpack is a best-seller for these reasons and more. Built to Endure: Crafted from rugged materials, our hiking backpacks are built to withstand the harshest conditions, promising reliability in the face of adversity. We have a fantastic Limited Lifetime Warranty to make sure your hiking backpacks stand the test of time. Style Meets Functionality: Merging style and utility seamlessly, our outdoor backpacks are more than just gear—they are an expression of your individuality. Our SuperBreak Away Duffel AM 40L is available in a range of solid colors, patterns, and designs. This outdoor bag lets you make a statement while connecting with the great outdoors while expressing your unique personality and standing out on the trails.

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Outdoor Bags

Whether you're a day hiker, a weekend explorer, or a passionate backpacker, our outdoor bags cater to your specific requirements. Discover a diverse range of sizes, from compact daypacks to spacious expedition backpacks, all bearing the hallmarks of quality and durability that JanSport is renowned for.

Outdoor Backpacks for Everyone

For generations, JanSport has been synonymous with adventure, and our outdoor backpacks pay homage to that legacy. Join us in celebrating the wonders of the wilderness and allow your love for adventure to flourish. Discover our Outdoor Backpack Collection today and set forth on your next great adventure with JanSport.