LifeUnzipped Travels to Montreal

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This month we head to Montreal to meet Gabrielle Lacasse, writer and style curator for her blog Dentelle+Fleurs. Gabrielle will be taking us to her local spots over the next month and giving us an insider look at the beautiful city of Montreal. 

Before we see Montreal, we asked Gabrielle to talk about her city. 

Describe a perfect day in your city.
It has to be during summer, on a sunny day: walk around town, stop for coffee on Laurier street, hit the cute vintage stores in Mile-End, spend a few hours or so at the park with friends and food or have a drink on a terrace (people watching is a must). 

Favorite place to escape the city and experience the outdoors? 
The great thing about Montreal is that it’s surrounded with water, parks and hiking. When I want to escape the city, I go to my cottage in the Eastern Township, which is only an hour away, next to a lake and a beautiful forest. 

Favorite late night food spot?
Le Chien Fumant, which has amazing food AND is opened late. 

Favorite coffeeshop? 
Café Sardine, sitting next to the window or Myriade, for their Lattés. 

Favorite neighborhood in your city?
Plateau. There is something about this neighbourhood; it may be the trees or the people, which make it feel like home to me. 

Favorite music venue? 
S.A.T. The sound is beyond amazing and the place is very unique, design wise. 

Favorite shop? 
For home, it has to be V de V or my friend's boutique, Vestibule. The new Club Monaco store is also impressive, with its marble stairs and their vintage Chanel selection. 

Favorite road trip? 
New York City, since it's only a 6 hours drive. I travel there at least once a year, to feel the good vibe of that amazing city. 

Favorite season in your city? 
Winter is magical, but summer is always more fun, with the festivals, the parks and the bike rides. What is unique about your city and the people who call it home? Montreal is known for its great culture and its open-minded resident. Every neighborhood has its own vibe and characteristics. The food is also one of the many perks of living in MTL, since we have so much good chefs, restaurants and cute coffee shops. 

What inspires you? 
The nature, my family, the books that I read and, of course, Pinterest! 

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