SXSW with Repel the Robot

SXSQ with Repel the Robot

JanSport Battle of the Bands winner, repel the robot, kicked off the day at the Culture Collide Day Party on Rainey Street during SXSW with an energetic set. Check out the video recapping their performance below:

SXSW Repel Robot

SXSW Repel Robot

Jarrett and Sean of repel the robot took some time to tell us a little bit more about their week long experience at SXSW and what's on tap for the band next. 

What are some of the personal highlights from SXSW and your performance at the Culture Collide Day Party on Rainey Street? 
We had a great time during our set at the Culture Collide Party! The Container Bar was super unique and a great venue to play. What we loved most about our set was being able to go out into the crowd to get up close and personal with the fans. One of our favorite moments was getting to chat with Marian Hill for a bit before she went on, talking about our performance, and how we were excited to catch hers. 

What other venues or bands/artists did you seek out during your week at SXSW? 
We were pumped to catch Twin Peaks and Real Estate at JanSport's Bonfire Sessions at Cheer Up Charlie's. It was a great venue, very laid back with a good outdoor feel. We also caught Robert DeLong and ODESZA's sets at IFC's Party. We love how Robert Delong was able to team up with Microsoft to incorporate strange technology such as Wii Remotes and flight simulator modules during his set. 

What’s next for repel the robot? Do you have any upcoming shows OR plans to tour? 
We've got a few festivals very soon, with Deep Ellum Arts Festival on April 3 and UNM's Fiestas 2015 on April 11. We're really excited about the rest of 2015, as we've got a bunch of new music and videos coming with a tour in the works for the fall.