Crossbody Bags and Tote Bags

Some adventures require a bag full of supplies while others require the essentials and nothing more. That's where our crossbody bags and totes come in handy. Both are great for quick trips and errands—they keep your necessities safe and sound while exploring your world.

Crossbody Bags and Totes with No Frills

From a midafternoon shopping run to a cross-country music festival, some adventures call for a small but mighty crossbody bag. The Core Crossbody is an excellent choice for grabbing as you head out the door. It's made of rugged 915 denier Cordura®, suede leather, and three zippered compartments. Need more space? Check out the Pro Crossbody. Featuring one main compartment and a zipper pocket with a deluxe organizer, it's a premium crossbody bag ideal for everyday use and part of the Pro Pack System.

The same goes for our convenient and diverse tote bags like the Restore Tote and the Surplus Extra Large Tote. These totes are available in an extensive range of colors and feature zipper and stash pockets, making any quick weekend trip or day at the beach an organized breeze.

Crossbody Bags and Tote Bags Packed with Style

As small as our crossbody bags are, they pack a lot of good looks in one small punch, and the same can be said for our fanny packs. From the Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack, available in iconic corduroy, floral, and camo prints, to the Restore Waistpack, made from materials rescued from textile waste, we've set you up with trendy options. You're sure to find exactly the style you want out of a crossbody bag.

How to Wear a Crossbody?

There are no set rules regarding wearing a crossbody bag, but we can offer some guidelines to give you the best experience.

*Pack light - With all the weight resting on one shoulder, crossbody bags are best for light items like a wallet, passport, phone, keys, and toiletries.
*Position is key - Waist-level is trendy, while hip-level is the classic look. Move your crossbody bag to your back for a casual stroll and to the front for unhindered movement.