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5 Styling Tips from the ‘80s To Love Now

Jamie Ditaranto Jun 02, 2022

Fanny packs, big hair, bold glasses, the ‘80s are back and coming in hot for a new generation. Deserving some of the credit is Netflix’s mega-hit Stranger Things, a show that worked its way into everyone’s heart over the past few years with its throwback style and retro soundtrack. To celebrate the launch of the new season and the new JanSport Stranger Things Collection—which has new backpacks to help fans of the show achieve their ‘80s style goals, we’re diving into some of the best ‘80s fashion trends. Here’s how to style the most beloved trends of this epic decade.

Go Big and Bold With Hair

In the ‘80s, bigger was better—especially when it came to hair. The more volume you could rock on your head, the more glamorous you were. To get XXL locks, you’ll need to lather mousse into damp hair and work it all the way up to your roots. Then, with your hair dryer set to warm, dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. If that doesn’t produce enough volume for you, you can also tease it—a method that requires splitting your hair into small two-inch sections and brushing backward from your ends to your roots. You can also try crimping your hair too for that distinctive ‘80s wave.

This ‘80s hairstyle is quintessential for icons of the era as big hair added a sense of cuteness to a look, that pairs very well with the Sierra Madre the Upside Down , a reversible backpack that is sweet on one side with a “Mike + El” doodle and ominous on the other with a tentacle decoration that alludes to the world of the Upside Down.


Incorporate More Bright Colors Into Your Outfit

If your big hair doesn’t shout ‘80s loud enough, your colorful outfit certainly will. When putting together an ‘80s outfit, bright and bold colors are the best way to express your personality. Nothing is off-limits colorwise. Royal purple tights clashing against a neon green leotard? Most triumphant. But for today’s times, you may need to tone down the color clashing a touch. If you’re going for a bold color like neon pink, you can use it as just a fun highlight or in a monochrome statement piece.

When thinking of ways to incorporate more colors into your looks, never underestimate the power of a rainbow, especially ones in untraditional color patterns. For example, the SuperBreak Plus Eleven has colorful stripes that are darker in tint but still fun.


Rock a Modern Fanny Pack with an ‘80s Twist

Probably the best rebound trend from the ‘80s—especially if you like convenience, hands-free fanny packs have been back in style for a while now and we can’t get enough of them. While fanny packs in the ‘80s were most traditionally worn on the hip, the latest fashionistas deserve some credit for inventing new ways to wear them, like across your body or through your belt loops.

Unfortunately, ‘80s fanny packs were more basic when it came to designs, but that’s what makes the Waistpack Hellfire  the ultimate in cool. Harkening back to the ‘80s goth aesthetic with two illustrative insignias that reference Stranger Things, this fanny pack is a great way to earn your ‘80s-era goth card.


Decorate Your Denim Jacket

The only thing more ‘80s than a denim jacket is a denim jacket covered with patches, buttons, and maybe even a dash of bedazzling. Perhaps no more than any other decade, the ‘80s were all about expressing your personality and a jean jacket was the perfect canvas. With a little online digging, you can find patches for your favorite bands, TV shows, movies, and so much more, but we also love the JanSport patches like the adorable Yas Ice Cream Cone and Sugar Skull patches.

You can continue the patch-obsession onto your backpack too and if you like Stranger Things, you’ll be happy to find the Right Pack Hellfire backpack already has a cool and edgy patch that references the Hellfire Club.


DIY Tie-Dye

To really imbue the radical spirit of the ‘80s into your style, you’ll need to be open to a little DIY—and it doesn’t get more DIY than tie-dye. Combining bold colors with psychedelic patterns, tie-dye always makes a statement and you really can tie-dye anything. Think beyond the plain T-shirt and consider tie-dying tote bags, headbands, fanny packs, shorts, and even your socks! A little pop of swirling neon colors can add a lot of fun to an outfit.

Of course, tie-dye is the perfect summer camp craft activity, which is why we think any tie-dye accessory would pair perfectly with the Field Pack Demogorgan Hunter, a backpack that would look totally at home in an ‘80s summer camp movie.

What are your favorite ‘80s fashion trends and how will you be styling them? Tag us on social media at #LifeUnzipped and let us know!