7 Floral Backpacks to Fit Your Cottagecore Aesthetic

Jamie DitarantoApr 05, 2021

Nothing brightens up your look like a pretty floral print. Here are some of the quaintest and most charming floral bags and accessories to rock this spring.

After a long and dreary pandemic winter, many of us are dreaming of escaping to a sunny little house tucked away somewhere in the countryside, surrounded by plants and greenery. While you might not actually be able to make it there this spring, you can channel that cottagecore energy by wearing cheery floral prints as much as possible. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of JanSport’s gorgeous floral backpacks—and we even have some suggestions on what to wear with them to make the pretty print truly pop. Whether you’re walking through an enchanted garden or just into class, you can carry a little bit of that magical daydream with you.


Denim Fields

With white flower silhouettes set against a denim backdrop, this floral pattern is super versatile. It goes with any white shirt and a pair of jeans, but if you want to go full cottagecore, you can also pair it with a two-toned white and blue dress.


Antique Florals

Faded pink and sepia-toned roses give this pattern an antique feel, perfect for those whose cottagecore fantasy leans into the vintage side. To coordinate the muted pink look of this backpack, think about wearing it with earthy green tones.


Countryside Garden Floral

These countryside florals burst with vivid colors set against an eye-catching black backdrop. The blue flowers are a small detail, but you can make the subtle colors pop by matching them with something equally bright and turquoise.


Floral Breeze

This white SuperBreak Plus with spaced-out cartoon-ish flowers is cute and sweet. It’s perfect if you want to add just a few drops of color to a casual white or pastel look.


Sunshine Poppies

This poppies and daisies mash-up is a happy explosion of color, but don’t look over the subtle purple lilacs. In fact, a flowy, light purple top could be the perfect way to complete your outfit.


Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden pattern is a darker take on the floral backpack, featuring deep purples and emerald leaves that give this print depth. Pro tip: You’re gonna want to wear jewel tones with this bag.



If you need a larger backpack for a big trip, you can still go for the spring-inspired look with the Wildflower pattern. Remember: You’ll need a comfortable travel outfit to go with the Gnarly Gnapsack 25. Because it has a muted backdrop, we recommend dark-gray attire.

Looking for other ways to make a fashion statement this spring? Here’s how to make your backpack stand out.