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What's the Best Backpack for Your College Major?

Melissa Badamo Jun 04, 2024

Choosing a new backpack is a rite of passage for any college student, whether you’re returning to campus or just starting your freshman year. Not to mention, it’s just plain fun. Here are the backpacks that suit every college major to help support some of the best years of your life.


English Major

As an English major, you’ll be studying the classics like Faulkner, Chaucer, and of course, Shakespeare. So you’ll want a reliable bag with plenty of space to carry around all those literature books. Luckily, the Every Day Large Tote is both, well, large, and super stylish, especially if double-strapping isn’t your thing. With the open design of a trendy tote bag, you can easily toss in your books after class, no fuss.

More than your average tote, it also has a 15-inch padded laptop sleeve for essay writing on the go. Plus, this chic bag comes in five shades—black, deep juniper, blue dusk, oyster mushroom, and party plum.


Biology, Chemistry, or Physics Major

Like English majors, science majors are no strangers to heavy textbooks. For those putting the “S” in STEM, check out the Main Campus FX for its ample storage. With two large compartments, you can easily organize your notebooks or PowerPoint printouts. It also comes with a dedicated 15-inch laptop sleeve for digital studying, and a front pocket to store phone chargers and snacks during late-night study seshes.

A mix between a traditional backpack and a drawstring bag, the Draw Sack is another great option for pre-med students in clinical rotations. Lightweight and easy to carry, it has one main compartment and a zippered front pocket—just enough for the personal essentials like your water bottle, wallet, and keys, plus any medical essentials like a clipboard or stethoscope.


Environmental Science Major

If you’re passionate about sustainability, the Eco Mesh Pack is an obvious choice. With six color options, this eco-friendly backpack is made of 100% recycled materials. It has one large main compartment, a 15-inch laptop sleeve, and two side pockets for reusable water bottles. Plus, it’s cool and lightweight, making it a helpful advantage for conducting field research outdoors. 


Computer Science Major

If you study all things computers, you really can’t go wrong with the Station Pack, the fourth (and newest) member of the Liminal Series. This innovative backpack has a laptop sleeve with side access, so your device is always only one zipper away. It also has a vertical front pocket and an organizer loft pocket to stash accessories like a laptop charger, external mouse, headphones, or hard drive. This sleek pack comes in four solid colors—white, black, blue, and misty rose, lending an air of sophistication to your day.


Business Major

Business is a classic college major, so it only makes sense to opt for a classic backpack like the Right Pack Premium.This long-time favorite has all the features of an ideal backpack—one large main compartment for notebooks, a side water bottle pocket for easy hydration, a front organizer pocket, and a 15-inch laptop compartment for when you’re working with spreadsheets on and off.


Education Major

Whether you’re preparing to shape the minds of younger students or educate the upper grades, student teaching is a vital part of an education major’s curriculum. With a roomy main compartment to hold lesson plans, a padded sleeve for easy laptop access to prepare presentations, plus an easily accessible water bottle pocket, the Sketch Star Superbreak Plus is the way to go. Filled with colorful stars sketched on a black base, this design stands out from the crowd and is sure to awaken your inner child.


Art Major

The elemental blue corduroy Granby embodies the distinct creativity of an art major. As for functionality, this pack comes equipped with one main compartment to carry art supplies like sketch pads, canvases, or paint sets. It also has not one, but two front utility pockets that are perfect for smaller supplies like graphite pencils and paintbrushes. If you study digital art, like graphic design or animation, the Granby also has the bonus of a 15-inch padded laptop sleeve.

If you’re looking for a designated pencil case for these creative tools, the Perfect Pouch is an artist’s BFF.


Music Major

If you carry an instrument around campus, you probably don’t want to worry about carrying around a big backpack as well. Lightweight yet durable, the Lounge Pack is a perfect blended melody for virtuoso students. The main compartment has ample storage for sheet music and class notes, while the outside drawcord pocket allows for stress-free access to the smaller music accessories, maybe tuners and guitar picks.


Every major has different storage needs, whether you’re looking for a quintessential backpack with a laptop sleeve or a trendy option like the Every Day Large Tote. We hope this guide will help you find the perfect backpack to support you from freshman year to graduation.