Two friends walking down the street wearing a cool JanSport backpack.

The Coolest Backpacks to Vibe With in 2024

Melissa Badamo Feb 08, 2024

A new year means it's time to embrace a fresh backpack that vibes with your newest and best self. Some of our favorite backpacks have unique, attention-grabbing designs that are sure to help you stand out, while others have a simpler design with cool, sleek features. Check out this year's coolest backpacks and find what matches your 2024 vibe.

Trending Features in Cool Backpacks

Because it’s 2024, you’ll obviously need a backpack that can carry your emotional support water bottle anywhere life takes you. You can always opt for something classic, like the Right Pack, which has a built-in side water bottle pocket so you’ll never lose your aqua. 

Or, if TikTok trends made you buy more than one reusable bottle (don’t worry—we’ve all been there), you can double it up with something like the Lodo Pack. With dual water bottle pockets, this feature is perfect if your new year’s resolution is to drink more water.

Cool Student Backpacks

The Cool Student is a great choice for, well, cool students! Available in several classic colors, this backpack is every student’s dream. It’s got two main compartments for storing all your textbooks and notebooks, a 15-inch laptop sleeve if you prefer taking digital notes, a side water bottle pocket for hydrating mid-class, and more. 

If you’re looking to bundle and save, The Superbreak Plus Pack Bundle comes with everything a student needs to be cool: a reliable backpack with a 15-inch laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket, and organizational pouch; one Lunch Break lunchbox for snacking in between classes; and a Basic Accessory Pouch for keeping pens, flash drives, and other small accessories in once place.

How to Choose the Right Backpack

At the end of the day, choosing the right backpack all comes down to your individual needs. If you’re a student or remote worker and a laptop sleeve is absolutely necessary, then you’ll obviously want to choose a backpack that will fit the size of your laptop. If you don’t need a laptop every day or use smaller tech items like a tablet, then something like the Superbreak will do.

Coolest Backpacks by Style

Now that you know which features you need, it’s time to choose the right style that vibes with your unique personality.

Colorful Cool Backpack

If you’re a photographer, or just appreciate the art, the Photo Negative Superbreak is for you. Featuring a breathtaking mosaic of blue and purple floral photos, this colorful collage is sure to catch anyone’s attention. 

Picture this: you’re heading out to snap some photos with your new camera, but you find yourself juggling your camera, tripod, and even some lighting equipment. The Superbreak’s main compartment is perfect for transporting a camera and a folded tripod to your next shooting location, while the front pocket can store photography accessories like camera film, memory cards, extra batteries, or a neck strap.

Floral Cool Backpack

Like the Photo Negative Superbreak, the Floral Outlines SuperBreak Plus is also perfect for artsy folks. This beautiful design of this floral backpack features pink watercolors elegantly flowing across a jet-black background, making this pack truly pop.

If you’re an artist by trade or just for fun, it has a roomy main compartment to store canvases or sketch pads, a 15-inch laptop sleeves for all the digital artists out there, and a front organizational pocket for paintbrushes, colored pencils, and more.

Out of this World Cool Backpack

There’s just something about the vast galaxy of glimmering constellations and planets that’s utterly breathtaking and mysterious. 

If you’re a space and astrology stan, why not bag the Space Dust Driver 8 Backpack? Featuring tiny stars among swirls of blues, pinks, and purples, this celestial backpack is truly out of this world. But don’t get distracted by the bright design—this backpack is fully functional, too. With both shoulder straps and skate wheels, it can convert from a traditional backpack to a roller backpack.

Classic Cool Backpacks

JanSport’s Liminal Collection, consisting of the InboundJourney, and Landings Packs, is undeniably sleek from the inside out. These three packs all have roomy main compartments and dual water bottle pockets and are made of recycled fabric. 

However, there are a few key differences—they vary slightly in size, weight, and price. The Journey and Landings Packs have a laptop lounge, while the Inbound Pack does not. Whichever one you choose, this backpack trio brings a whole new meaning to cool and modern.

Retro Cool Backpack

Who doesn’t love a good retro core throwback?

If you’re looking to vibe with a ‘70s-inspired backpack, the Flower Power Brown and Skip Daisy Suede Campus are the perfect options. Both designs feature groovy, ‘70s-style florals against a calming, brown base to match any pair of corduroy bellbottoms. 

Or, if your style is more ‘90s-coded, the Suede Campus also comes in Rad Plaid Navy to match your favorite flannel and jeans combo.

Tech Cool Backpacks

It’s no surprise that techies need a cool, functional backpack for work and school—or simply just carrying a gaming laptop to your next gaming sesh. With a padded sleeve that fits a 15-inch laptop and three compartments for chargers, headphones, or a USB mouse, the Odyssey Backpack is the perfect assistant for transporting all your devices and accessories.

It’s also no secret that tech supplies can be heavy. To protect your back, the Odyssey has perforated AirCore™ shoulder straps, an air mesh back panel, and even chest straps and a tuck-away hip belt to distribute the load. The Odyssey is simply built differently.

Coolest Adaptive Backpack

The Central Adaptive Backpack is more than your average backpack. It features tangle-proof shoulder straps with loop adjustments, which can easily be folded in for the option of clipping the pack to a mobility device using anchor straps. Plus, its shortened height allows easy access to all the stuff on the bottom of the pack.

It’s available in several unique designs, such as Space Dust or Red/Multi Hippie Days, which is a tie dye staple. Or it also comes in quintessential, solid colors to match any vibe. Either way, this backpack is cool, classic, and accessible.

Don’t forget to pick up a matching Central Adaptive Crossbody—which includes an adjustable shoulder strap and side attachment points—for some extra space.

Coolest Mini Backpacks

Because they’re so cute and versatile, mini backpacks are a staple at any function. You can wear them for a night out, a concert, a day at the beach, a shopping trip, and much, much more!

The Right Pack’s little sibling, the Right Pack Mini, is perfect for carrying the essentials, like your wallet, keys, and phone—all hands-free. It’s literally a fun-size backpack, with a suede bottom, suede zipper pulls, a webbing handle, and of course a main compartment and front pocket. Who can resist such an adorable backpack?

If you’re looking for something just a bit bigger, the Half Pint Mini is a great throw-on-and-go option available in either solid colors or corduroy patterns.

Meanwhile, the Highlands Mini has a slightly different design, with a top flap opening and drawstring closure rather than a zippered opening. Compact and casual, there’s a mini backpack for everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Coolest Recycled Backpack

There’s nothing cooler than sustainability, take the Eco Mesh Pack, for example. It’s not only made completely of recycled material, but it’s also lightweight at 15.5 oz (0.4 kg), includes a laptop compartment, and features two water bottle pockets. Mesh on the outside, it also has a fully padded back panel on the inside.

Coolest Backpack Accessories

Now that you've chosen the right backpack for you, it's time to snag some of the coolest accessories for optimal organization.

The Dopp Kit is one accessory you can’t live without—it’s perfect for everyday use or traveling. It includes a roomy main compartment with mesh organizational pockets, so you won’t lose your lip balm, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, or any other small stragglers. If you’re traveling, it’s the perfect compartment for your toothbrush, makeup, and more. Plus, it has a convenient, clippable strap to easily hang on bathroom door hooks.

Speaking of emotional support water bottles, the Kitsack is an absolute must for hikers, concert-goers, or anyone who just wants to keep cool. This no-slip water bottle pouch has a shoulder strap and chain loops for extra attachment points, so you’ll always have a way to carry your H20. 


When deciding on the right features and style, you’ll want a backpack that’s cool from the inside out. Whether you desire a backpack with a laptop compartment, one with recycled material, or one with a space-themed design, there's a backpack to fit every type of cool.