Person with fiery orange hair wearing a green JanSport backpack

Why You Need a Mini Backpack in Your Life

J. O’Brien Jan 10, 2023

Why go big when you can go small? Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially in the accessories department.

After all, there are times when a bigger bag is just a temptation to carry more stuff, weighing you down, and making it harder to find the things you really need. That’s when you reach for a mini backpack. Just the right size for carrying all your essentials and a few extras, while keeping your hands free, they come in a lineup of cute colorways to suit all style vibes. 

Discover four reasons why the Half Pint Mini Backpack is such an iconic fan favorite.


Small But Mighty

“They're perfectly sized to carry a wallet, Kindle, water bottle or two, and a small sweatshirt, and are wonderful for out of town trips and street fairs. I tend to be able to pack a lot into this tiny little bag!” — Meg from San Jose, CA

The Half Pint Mini Backpack is actually surprisingly spacious. It has a utility pocket in front that’s ideal for those small items you need quick access to, as well as a roomy main compartment for everything else. Plus, it comes in a variety of trending colors and patterns—including two Cottage Core florals: Batik Sunflower Navy and Lazy Sundasies. What’s not to love?


Style That Lasts

“I got my first Jansport Half Pint when I was 2 or 3 years old and retired it just 2 years ago after nearly 36 years of use… Overall, I'd say the Half Pint is the best bag ever.” — Amanda from Omaha, NE

Like all JanSport backpacks, the Half Pint is built to last. It’s made from highly durable materials so you can enjoy it for years to come. That’s good news for your budget and for the environment. Plus, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty so if something happens, you’re covered.


Always Trending

“I have been using these for 20 years, and I still absolutely love them! This is my daily purse, and I get so many compliments on it. Love love love this bag!”— Cupcake Kim from Littleton, CO

Never not in style, the classic shape and seasonal shades and patterns give the Half Pint that enduring and endearing edge. Our favorite colorways right now? Space Dust for a statement effect or Leopard Emboss which is the perfect pop of millennial pink.


The Perfect Purse

“I got this backpack like 5 or 6 years ago, and I use it every day! It's a better alternative to using a purse. Its size is cute, and I swear it's like Mary Poppin's purse… It's easy to organize this bag, and it's simply the best investment… It’s the most amazing backpack I have ever owned.”— LaRae Teere from Newport Beach, CA

More than one reviewer has commented on how much they can fit into the Half Pint, and how much they prefer it to a regular purse. And, with its neat, structured shape, compartments, and hands-free style, it makes a way more practical and comfortable alternative


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