JanSport Cinch Caddy on a table being used to help create a vision board.

How to Create a Vision Board to Reinvent Your Dreams

Natalie Daniels Feb 29, 2024

Since our childhood days of fairytale stories and dressing up, we’ve all had dreams. Unfortunately, getting more jaded as we grow older is almost second nature. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still have hope. Maybe our new dreams are more practical, like scoring a new job, moving to a new place, making long-lasting friendships, or even seeing your favorite band in concert. 

How can we move these ideas forward if they’re just in our heads? You can start by putting them on paper by creating a vision board.


What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is typically a collage of images representing your dreams or goals for the next year and beyond. Collages can be created from magazine cutouts, drawings, or images found online. 

Some call this practice a process or step of manifestation (making ideas become reality). Manifesting, zodiac signs, and the spiritual world all have a lot in common.


What Is the Difference Between a Vision Board and a Mood Board?

The two may sound similar but are actually very different. While a vision board is focused on long-term achievements, mood boards are an aesthetically pleasing guide to help you get there, focused more on what your dreams look like visually. 


How to Create a Vision Board

Before getting into the how-tos, it’s important to emphasize that there is no “right” way to make a vision board. It depends on what works best for you. It’s kind of like picking a backpack: Maybe you want something classic, like the Right Pack, or something new, like the Cool Student

When planning your vision board, start by brainstorming your goals. Try to find ones that are achievable versus something like “winning the lottery.” 

If you struggle with identifying your goals, ask yourself questions to paint a better picture of what you need in your life. You might ask: 

·       What would make me happier? 

·       How can I be healthier mentally and physically? 

·       Do I want to be financially independent? 

·       What relationships could I strengthen or what new ones would I like to take on?

For instance, if you’re asking yourself how to be healthier mentally and physically, one goal could be to implement more self-care in your life. Include a symbol that best represents self-care for you like a picture of a face mask or a mug of tea. It really is that simple! 

Vision boards don’t need to be physical tangible goals. You can also add feelings you want to bring into the new year, like contentment, gratefulness, joy, and compassion. 

You can make vision boards on construction or computer paper or create them online using platforms like Canva or Pinterest. When you’re done, print it out and throw it into your space-inspired backpack (we love the Space and Time Bundle), so you can open it and manifest at any moment.


What Impact Will a Vision Board Have on Me?

This activity seems more mystical than reality-based (time to get out the crystals!). However, there is some neuroscience behind vision boards. When creating and looking at tangible images right in front of you, your brain starts to pick up on goals that you might have never thought of. 

The brain has a process called value-tagging, where important things are placed into your subconscious. Your eyes will look at the images on your vision board and assign higher values to those ideas. The more valuable the goals are to you, the more you’ll work at them, bringing your dreams to life. It also gives you the confidence to pursue the manifestations you have in reality.


Can I Manifest My Dreams Without a Vision Board?

There are many ways to manifest your dreams without a vision board, including writing them down in a journal, speaking them out loud into the world, or saying affirmations over and over in your head. Yet, the beauty of vision boards is that you have created something tangible you can look back on in the future. This makes visualizing your goals that much easier.

Let vision boards take you on a journey through self-love and discovery, with the help of a Journey Pack backpack to keep you company.

As you can see, there are various ways to create a vision board to make your goals a reality. One thing to remember is to keep having faith in yourself and what you can do. With that mindset, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.