Four friends wearing JanSport backpacks looking out over a bridge

TikTok Fashion Trends: Your Trusty Backpack

Kelly Meehan Brown Feb 01, 2024

We all know that TikTok is no longer simply for getting your groove on to the latest remix—however good (or not so good) at dancing and singing you might be. It’s a veritable treasure trove of fashion trends and indicators for where the scene might head in the coming year. The app not only reports the trends but has given birth to many more—and that’s why we’re looking toward it as the beacon of fashion.

Let’s take a look at the forecast for 2024 to discover some surprising ways you can stay ahead of the curve.



With 1.2 billion views on #bows, you’ve likely seen this trend run riot all over the app lately—and it’s not going anywhere. From adorning your clothes to affixing it in your hair, bows are the perfect addition to soften any look

A great way to work them into your existing style? Add them to your backpack! The Restore Backpack, undyed and made from recycled fabric, is the perfect blank canvas to work with. Watch a TikTok tutorial or two to learn how to tie a bow using your fave material (think velvet or silk). 


Tie Dye

Popularized in the 60s, tie dye will enjoy a comeback in 2024. This psychedelic trend is all about embracing vibrant, swirling patterns. Try it on t-shirts, caps, socks or in your accessories. 

The Batik Wash Bundle provides a more low-key option to take part in this trend. Live your best Boho life with the backpack and mini backpack combo to take this style to the next level. It’s room for your laptop and your lunch while rockin’ the tie dye vibe.


Pops of Strong Color

Speaking of vibrancy, strong colors will win in 2024. Focus on jewel tones and primary colors to ensure you’re following the trend the same way the TikTokers are (with more than 3 million views on the app for #boldcolor). 

You might try lipstick, eyeshadow, a cute jacket over a neutral color outfit or even something as simple as a JanSport Tall Beanie in the shade deep lake, which is made from 100% recycled so you can feel good about your purchase, too. Win-win.


Fanny Packs

No, really—they’re not some relic of the 90s. Fanny packs are back with a bang in 2024. Compact, convenient, and more stylish than ever, these functional accessories are making a statement. 

Keep everything in close reach while looking a million bucks with the Fifth Ave Fanny Pack. It comes with a ton of color options that can help you lean into other trends on this list and a small, zippered compartment on the front for quick access to your essentials. Watch TikTok tutorials or check out our guide for creative ways to wear it, ensuring you're not just on-trend but ahead of the curve.


Quiet Luxury

You’ve probably seen this trend everywhere online, and it comes as the perfect antithesis if bold colors and tie dye aren’t for you. Sometimes it's the understated pieces that make the loudest impact. We’re talking neutral tones, a polished aesthetic, that expensive look (but not necessarily the price tag to match). Corduroy is a staple within this category—check out the Right Pack Mini in coconut. Talk about affordable luxury!



What’s out? Fast fashion. What’s in? Taking care of the planet. TikTok is abuzz with sustainable alternatives for all fashion favorites, like reusable water bottles, upcycling, and more. 

With more than five billion views on #sustainable on the app, 2024 is going to see an uptick in planet-friendly ways to dress and accessorize—like the Restore Tote, which is super cute and made from surplus yarns and recycled fabrics. It’s made from textile waste that would otherwise end up in the landfills. So you can help the planet without sacrificing style and function.

No matter which TikTok trend appeals to you, you can haul around your accessories in a backpack that perfectly suits your vibe.