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How To Wear a Fanny Pack: 5 Cute Ways

Jamie Ditaranto Oct 12, 2022

Fanny packs—or waist packs if you’re fancy, were once considered a passing retro fad and most certainly not high fashion.

But, in recent years with athleisure and street style taking over the runways, fanny packs made a major comeback in elevated new styles. Clearly now an accessories mainstay and going strong in the style stakes, if you don’t already have a fanny pack or two, now is the time to embrace this versatile accessory and add it to your wardrobe as a worthy investment. 

There’s no denying the utility and practical factor of a fanny pack. It keeps all your essentials right at your side, literally attached to you. Your phone, wallet, and keys are much easier to quickly grab, which comes in handy for any situation, whether you’re traveling, hiking, or just going to school. Adding a fanny pack to your look can only make your life easier and add a little style into your mix too.

And what makes this such a fun trend right now is that there are so many ways to style your fanny pack—especially when you start looking at all the cute fanny packs out there. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear them.


On Your Natural Waist

For this look, you’ll strap your pack on your natural waistline, which is the area between the top of your hip bone and your rib cage. The strap should sit on the line that crosses your belly button, or wherever feels most comfortable. This is quite a prominent place in your outfit, so you should use a fanny pack that’s compact but with a sharp style like the super functional Pakalong. The squareness of this monochrome black bag looks super clean on any outfit, and it even comes with a mask hook and hand sanitizer pocket.


Through Your Belt Loops

You can use your fanny pack to multitask by stringing the strap through your belt loops. If you’ll be traveling, this is definitely the most secure way to make sure your bag doesn’t slip off and get left behind somewhere. Because it’s the most classic way to wear a fanny pack, you can pull off the saddlebag shape of a bag like the Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack, which is available in a wide variety of colors and fun patterns like the Static Drip and Buckshot Camo prints.


On Your Hips

If you think you’ll be taking your bag on and off, skip the belt loops and just let it rest on your hip bones. This is a very casual way to wear your fanny pack, but if you’re heading out for a more active outdoor activity like hiking, this style works especially well with the Waisted Fanny Pack. Available in Army Green, this hyper-functional bag has an air mesh back panel and multiple pockets with wide “hip wing” straps so it will sit comfortably on top of your hip bones. Its larger size also means you’ll have tons of space for your outdoor essentials.


Front or Back Body Sling 

To pull off this look, you simply need to strap your fanny pack around your waist. This style screams street fashion and will elevate your outfit instantly. When paired with a multi-function fanny pack like the Surplus World Traveler Waistpack, which is available in Pale Green and Moon Haze, it can really elevate your look. There’s even room to hold a water bottle using the beverage holder.


Under Your Jacket

When the cooler weather starts rolling in, you may be wondering how you’re going to fit that fanny pack over your bulkier clothes, but you really should consider putting it on underneath your coat. Not only does this look cleaner, but a hidden fanny pack peeking out from beneath your outerwear is a great opportunity to add a pop of color and personality, whether you’re wearing it on your natural waist or over your shoulder. The vibrant colors of the Recycled Waistpack—Scuba, Lentil Sprout, and Purple Orchid—are great examples of how you can make your bag pop from under your coat. Not to mention, it’s a great sustainable choice too.

For more ideas check out even more fanny packs for all adventures.