4 Sustainable Products to Help You Celebrate Earth Day

Jessen O’BrienApr 22, 2021

We’ve rounded up our top sustainable products so that you can invest in bags and backpacks that look good without harming the environment.

Earth Day only comes once a year, but you can make choices that help preserve and protect the planet every single day.

For example, skip single-serve items in favor of reusable ones. Choose to bike, walk, or take public transportation when you can, rather than buckling up in your car. And instead of relying on disposable plastic or paper bags, carry a bag with you that’s not only built to last but also made from recycled materials, like most JanSport products. That way, you’ll always have a more sustainable option on-hand.

To help you celebrate the planet year round, we’ve gathered four of our most eco-friendly waist packs and backpacks. Whether you need tons of storage or an extra bag with just the right amount of room for your essentials, these bags will help you do good while looking good.


Surplus Ski n' Hike 

Love the outdoors? The Ski and Hike Pack is the perfect all-weather bag for climbing mountains or schussing down slopes, so you can enjoy Mother Nature in every season. If the design looks familiar, that’s because the bag’s silhouette is inspired by the original JanSport heritage backpack. But the best part is that the Ski and Hike Pack is made from surplus materials, which means that each bag prevents fabric and trim from ending up in a landfill. And since they’re built to last, if you treat your Ski and Hike Pack well, you can get a lifetime of wear out of material that otherwise would be wasted.


One smart way to be sustainable every day is to say no to plastic water bottles. The Kitsack is an ideal choice for embracing a plastic-free lifestyle because this cylindrical, crossbody bag is perfectly-sized for carrying around a reusable water bottle. And because the bag has a drawstring, you can use it to hold water bottles of all different sizes—so you only need one bag for the job. Another win: The Kitsack also has an external mesh pocket for holding small essentials.

Way Out Waistpack

Made from 301 Denier Recycled Ripstop Poly and Recycled 600 Denier Polyester, the Way Out Waistpack is a great option if you’re looking for a sustainable bag that can be strapped around your waist or across one shoulder. A roomy main compartment features a zippered mesh stash pocket to help you keep your essentials organized, while a front zippered mesh pocket makes it easy to quickly grab the items you use most frequently.

Recycled Super Break

If you’re in the market for a carry-all, consider the Recycled Super Break. Just as its name suggests, this bag is made from 100 percent recycled material—that includes the body fabric, webbing, cording, and even the labels—and with minimal waste. In fact, the factory it’s made in is completely fueled by solar power. The bag can also be completely packed into its front pocket, so it’s easy to stow in your locker even on the days when you need a little more storage.

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