4 Ways to Make Your Closet More Sustainable 

Sustainable Closet


Yes, you can help the Earth while still looking stylish.    


While we’re all looking forward to the days when we can safely leave the house again, all this time at home does give us the chance to get through some long procrastinated projects. Topping the to do list? A massive closet reorganization.

While you’re deciding what to purge—and maybe even some new items to add, keep in mind that the decisions you make affect the environment. Here are four ways you can be sustainable and make a big impact on the planet while also putting together a wardrobe that you truly love.


Rent Your Clothes

Fast fashion creates a lot of waste, but renting your wardrobe lets you switch up your look without tossing anything into a landfill. (Bonus: You continuously have something great to wear!) There are many renting services, including Rent the Runway and Nuuly. And brands and department stores are even getting in on the fun, as American Eagle, Express, and others have launched their own rental programs. Here’s a wild idea: Why not test a few of them and see which one works best for your style?


Buy and Sell Through Consignment Stores

If you're a lover of all things designer, consignment stores are a great way to go. After all, classic pieces are made to last and deserve more than one owner during their lifetime. And vintage is definitely in; even Kate Middleton has been known to rock it from time to time. So treat yourself to a new look, and when you get tired of it, don’t throw it away. Sell it through The RealReal, or hold on to it until you can sell it through a local consignment store.


Recycle and Donate

Obviously, not everything in your closet will be worth selling. (Think: that ratty old T-shirt you’ve had for years.) For worn-out items, find a local textile recycling center or give used items to a charity in your community. You can also give it new life by creating a DIY protective face covering, following these instructions for CDC-approved face masks. Always remember: You may not have a use for it anymore, but someone else can still enjoy it.


Look for Eco-Friendly Products

Thankfully, more and more brands are starting to put out environmentally-friendly goods. When it comes to clothing, you can look to brands such as Elroy, 100% NY, Feral Childe, or Stella McCartney for quality and sustainable products. And don’t forget about other items you use in your day-to-day life, like your school bag. Our Far Out 65 and Gnarly Gnapsack 25 backpacks are built with recycled polyester, and the main body fabric of our new Recycled SuperBreak backpack is 100 percent recycled. By purchasing and using sustainable products, you’re making a statement about what matters to you—and you have more power than you know. Get ready to use it to make a difference.


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By: Mandy Carr