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7 Ways to Embrace Holiday Travels While Staying Local

Megan Monte Nov 03, 2023

Between all the various festivities and celebrations, the fall and winter seasons brings lots of holiday travels. It seems like everyone is constantly packing bags and jetting off to visit friends and family, posting pics from international cities, or embarking on cool adventures. But with sky-high ticket prices, crowded airports, and endless delays, hopping on an airplane during the holidays isn’t always a fun or affordable option.

Luckily, you don’t need to go far from home to get a taste of the holiday travel spirit. Embrace your staycation and transport yourself into new experiences with these ideas—no stressful  journeys necessary.


Do a DIY International Food Tour

Traveling means trying new foods, but you can still get a taste of unique cultural dishes in the comfort of your own home. Invite friends or relatives over for an international potluck dinner, and assign each person a different type of cuisine to bring. Or, if you’re looking to expand your own meal roster, choose different cultures to inspire your dishes each day. Food bloggers and websites offer a variety of international recipes for all different cooking skills, so there’s something for everyone. 


Set Off on an Outdoor Adventure

Whether your holiday season brings cold weather or mild temperatures, there are outdoor activity options that can transport you into a different world. Skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or sledding are great for snowy areas. If your weather is on the warm side, try exploring a new beach or cove, going for a hike or trail walk, or cycling a scenic path. Guided tours and lessons are a great way to ease into new activities, and if you grab some friends, you might snag a group discount. 


Stroll Through Local Light and Décor Displays

When the holidays come around, some towns and organizations will set up light or decoration displays for the public. These are great opportunities to get out, immerse yourself in a holiday or culture, and take in some festive sights. A quick online search can help you find local displays—and some of them might even be free.


Explore a New Town

It might surprise you how many hidden gems are nearby, even if you’ve lived in the same area for years. Checking out a new downtown area, village, or popular street can make you feel like you traveled far from home, even if you only took a short drive. To find these special spots, brainstorm places you’ve heard of but never visited, think of local areas that tourists like to visit, or turn to social media to search up unique locations. Use a city-friendly bag like the Core Crossbody or Half Pint Mini Backpack to pack snacks, water, and layers for your day trip. 


Take a Class and Learn Something New

Traveling to a different place usually means learning new things. Have fun learning at home by taking a class, lesson, or tutorial on something you’ve always wanted to know how to do. If you’re interested in art, try a ceramics or painting class. Brush up your kitchen skills with a cooking class, or finally start playing that dusty guitar with a music lesson.


Visit a Nearby Museum or Gallery

Pretend you’re at The Louvre in Paris and visit a local museum or art gallery. From science and history to art, cars, and boats, you’d be surprised how many types of museums are around. Even small museums can have awesome exhibits that immerse you in another time or culture. Local art galleries are another great option that come with the bonus of supporting up-and-coming artists. Keep in mind that some museums won’t allow big bags, so bring a small purse or the Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack to store your belongings.    


Rent a Local Stay With Pals

Renting a spot isn’t just for tourists. For an elevated staycation, gather some friends or family and split the cost on a rental stay within driving distance. Even one night in a new home with your favorite people can feel like the ultimate getaway. Plus, if you have enough people to pool your money with, you might be able treat yourselves to some sweet amenities. Embrace the ability to pack light and have a blast. 


You don’t have to feel FOMO when people embark on their holiday travels. With these ideas, you might embrace staying off airplanes during the holiday season.