8 Sustainable Gift Ideas To Show You Care

Charli Moore Sep 19, 2023

Sustainability is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. And, when it comes to greener gifting, protecting the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth. For Holiday season, birthdays, or just to show someone you care, we’ve compiled a list of the best sustainable gift ideas to give you a little inspo.


8 Sustainable Gift Ideas

Native wildflower seeds

Brighten someone’s day with a packet of native wildflower seeds. Native plants support bees and butterflies at their busiest time of year and provide habitats for a wealth of wildlife including small birds and insects. Plus, they’re serious #cottagecore vibes.


A homemade sweet treat

Nothing says “I care” like cookies fresh from the oven. Whip up a sweet treat using locally produced ingredients where possible, and you’ll be supporting local farmers, and reducing food miles, while making your loved ones smile. Win–win.


Locally made jewelry

Forget mass-produced accessories, there’s no need to sacrifice style for sustainability when you chose to gift jewelry crafted locally from sustainable or recycled materials. Support local artisans and show you care with one-off pieces made with love.


Beeswax food wraps

Plastic wrap clogging up your lunch break? Yeah, no thanks. Share the sustainability love with your besties and utilize material offcuts to make reusable beeswax food wraps that are an eco-alternative to cellophane. 


A surprise picnic

Prime those reusable containers and beeswax wraps, then raid your local farm shop for fresh produce to whip up a culinary treat to share with your ride or dies. Pack it all into a backpack like the Lodo which has compression straps to hold a picnic blanket, then find a chill spot surrounded by nature. It’s that simple. 


A home composting kit

This is a great sustainability tip for anyone who loves to cook and has a veggie bed or grows things in pots or window boxes. They can easily turn food scraps into nutrient rich compost for their plants.


Eco-friendly cosmetics 

Look for beauty products that use natural ingredients and have ethical manufacturing processes. Many also have zero-waste packaging.


A book on sustainable living

Educate and inspire a love of everything earth-friendly by gifting a book that highlights the challenges we face to slow the impact of climate change. Here are a few of our favorites.

‘Where Have All the Bees Gone?: Pollinators in Crisis’ By Rebecca E. Hirsch.

‘No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference’ By Greta Thunberg.

‘The Omnivore's Dilemma’ By Michael Pollan.


7 simple ways to help the environment 

Small changes can create a massive impact, especially when embraced by a whole generation passionate about doing their bit to help the environment. Here are some simple and easily achievable sustainability tips.


1. Say no to single use plastics

Carry reusable water bottles, totes, and cutlery, and make your dollars count by only buying take-out that comes in compostable packaging. You can carry your multiuse items in a waisted fanny pack or keep them in the stash pocket of a crossbody bag.


2. Choose to reuse

Make your wardrobe sustainable and embrace thrift shopping when looking for clothing and college room décor. It’s a super affordable way to shop and you’ll find unique pieces.


3. Look at what you eat

Going meatless isn’t necessarily the only answer to sustainable eating, instead focus on choosing locally produced food from eco-conscious sources.


4. Minimize food waste

Be mindful of portion sizes when cooking and use leftovers creatively to reduce waste.


 5. Ride or walk

When possible, travel on foot or under pedal-power.


6. Unplug and switch off

Unplug chargers and turn off lights and devices when not in use. These simple changes can make big energy savings.


7. Volunteer with local environmental groups

Get involved in local projects that promote sustainability such as community allotments or rubbish collection drives. 


Remember, living sustainably isn’t about being perfect all the time. It’s about making informed choices that are achievable and inspire you to put the planet first.


Do you have a favorite sustainable way to show you care? Share your recs with us using #LifeUnzipped.