8 Signs You've Found Your Ride-or-Die Friends

Two girls smiling while lying on a beach blanket

Do you finish each other's sentences? Text or hang out constantly? Always have each other’s backs? Here are a few ways to recognize the friendships that will last a lifetime.


You’ve got a lot of people you like to hang out with—but what makes a best friend? Here are the qualities that set ride-or-die friends apart from other relationships in your life.


1. They accept you for who you are and encourage you to do the same

We’re all guilty of feeling inadequate after comparing ourselves to others on social media. But a true friend won’t let you wallow in that negativity. They’ll want to boost your self-esteem and refocus your thoughts whenever self-doubt starts to creep in.


2. They pay attention

BFFs turn up and stay present whenever you’re hanging out. That might mean cheering you on at a basketball game, helping you pick out the perfect accessories for a first date, or simply stashing their phone away in their bag when the two of you are having a conversation.


3. They make your friendship a priority

Everyone gets busy, but a real friend won’t let life interrupt your relationship. Whether it’s for a beach day, craft session, or just a quick hang between classes, genuine friends make time for each other. And remember: Even if you can’t see each other in person, you can always use texts or video chats to catch up.


4. They keep you in check

They were on the scene before you made it big, got into that fancy college, or bagged that flashy city job. Yup, they know the real version of you. Best friends will celebrate your achievements but won’t be afraid to remind you of where you came from and keep you in line if you start to lose your way.


5. They really listen

You probably know people who constantly turn the discussion back to themselves, but a real friend will never leave you to solve your problems alone. And when you’re going through a tough time, being able to openly discuss your fears and issues with someone who can offer a balanced view of your situation makes a huge difference. (Psst, don’t forget to return the favor when your bestie is struggling someday!)


6. They respect your perspective

We all have a unique approach to life, but a true friend will respect your opinions, applaud your civic-mindedness, and see value in your outlook. Ride-or-die friends don’t let differences become barriers in relationships. Instead, they support your decisions and stick with you, even when they might see things differently.


7. They always tell you the truth

Trust is one of the most important foundations to a long-lasting relationship and a friend who can’t be trusted to always tell you the truth—no matter what—is no friend at all.


8. They support you through good times and bad

Real BFFs love it when their friends succeed and support them as they strive to reach their goals—but they’re also there when things don’t go to plan. Ride-or-dies who stick with you through thick and thin are about as close to family as you can get.


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By: Charli Moore