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Perfect Spring Break Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign

Amy Javier Jan 13, 2023

After a long winter, you deserve a chance to kick back and relax. 

Want to make this vacation extra amazing? Read on for spring break ideas based on your zodiac sign, so you can truly live your best life.


Aries: Get Your Self-Care On
You’re a hard worker, Aries, so it’s time to treat yourself: self-care style. Whether you’re hitting the road or home with the parents, stock up on sheet masks (yeah, guys, we’re talking to you too!), and build in time for yoga or meditation. Connect to yourself more and be present with who you truly are—and those that are closest to you will appreciate that.


Taurus: Hit the Road With Your Nearest and Dearest
Loyal Taurus, you are the best friend anyone could ask for. Lean into your loyal side and embark on a road trip with a couple of close pals. It’s the perfect chance for you all to bond, whether it’s through heartfelt conversations or simply belting out the lyrics to all the songs on your Spotify playlist. (Hey, no road trip is complete without a little karaoke!)


Gemini: Travel With Your Squad
It’s okay to be a little indecisive, Gemini, but don’t put off making your spring break plans for too long. In fact, make the big decision to travel with a group—you have an outgoing nature, after all—and then just go with the flow. It’s who’s in your group of friends that matter for you and what vibe they add to your life. Now that’s what we call #SquadGoals.


Cancer: Strike up a Convo
We know it can be hard to break out of that shell, Cancer, but luckily, vacation is the perfect time to let your light shine outward. Practice opening up by making new friends or chatting up that stranger sitting next to you (c’mon, how better to pass your travel time?). You are warm and gregarious, and the world will only benefit when they see the real you. You got this!


Leo: Make a Difference
You are a born leader, Leo, so use that strength for the greater good. Sign up for a volunteer project and recruit some friends to join you. Keep it close to home if you are on a budget or embark on voluntourism if you want to make a difference with a whole new view. Wherever you go, be sure to love yourself just as you are. You are the rockstar of the show after all!


Virgo: Tap Your Creative Side
You hold yourself to a high standard, Virgo, but it’s okay to chill out a bit this spring break. Challenge yourself to a creative project where “perfect” is in the eye of the beholder. Whether it’s writing a song, making a photo journal of your spring break trip, painting a picture, or even embellishing an outfit or your backpack with some meaningful patches, a creative outlet will help you celebrate the process, not seek a perfect outcome. Bonus: You might discover a brand new skill while you’re at it. Win-win.


Libra: Create a Zen Space
Let’s not call it an obsession, but you Libras certainly have a *focus* on all things balance. So, tap into your natural love of symmetry and create a relaxing spot in your dorm or apartment using the principles of Feng Shui. Then, reward yourself for your design project with a sleek monochrome bag to beautifully balance any outfit. Now that's our idea of a productive spring break.


Scorpio: Make a Plan Not to Plan
This may work against all of your instincts, Scorpio, but you’ve gotta try shaking the structure out of your life—just for the break, we promise! Though you’re usually thinking 10 steps ahead, try spending your vacation living in the moment. Enjoy your itinerary-free days knowing that you can go back to timelines and deadlines when you’re back to school—unless you decide to adapt a whole new carefree attitude, of course. You never know!


Sagittarius: Get Literary
Always a knowledge seeker, Sagittarius, you’ll love spending your break diving into a book. Pack one from your reading list in your bag if you’re traveling, or find a peaceful spot close to home and get lost in the words. Then, share some words of your own! Add to your travel journal or day-to-day diary—and keep that writing habit going well after break. We look forward to seeing your novel on the bestseller list someday.


Capricorn: Move Upwards
Not to be too on the nose, Capricorn, but let your sign inspire you to climb. Pick a trail, grab some friends, get your hiking pack ready, and catch a whole new perspective on the world from the top. What a view!


Aquarius: Stand Up
You’re a free spirit, Aquarius, but you have no chill when it comes to standing up for what’s right (nor should you!). Embrace that inner activist and spend spring break campaigning for one of your passions. Whether it’s getting involved with a campaign you support or appealing to a brand you love to improve its environmental practices, you can accomplish quite a lot in a week pursuing your passion.


Pisces: Hit the Road Alone
We’ve got a bit of a challenge for you, Pisces. You are often swayed by those around you—no shame, we’ve all been there. Spring break, however, is the perfect opportunity for a little solo travel. Spend some time reflecting on your own wants and needs and take these findings back with you. Check out that newfound confidence!


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