How To Deal With School Stress & Feel Less Anxious

Charli Moore Jul 03, 2023

Back to school anxiety can affect all of us at some point in our college life. It’s real and very normal. Think Sunday scaries and then some. The first step in dealing with school stress is acknowledging your feelings and recognizing what’s causing them. Is it about friendships or social stuff? Maybe you’re nervous about a class you’re taking. Or maybe it’s everything! Whatever your back to school stressors are, know that you’re not alone and can always talk to a family member or friend for support. 

To help you feel more confident about heading back to class, here are our top tips for how to deal with school stress, so you’ll be ready for anything.


End one semester by getting organized for the next

When you finish school for the summer, the vacation time ahead can seem endless. Don’t leave it until a few days before you go back to empty your book bag, prep for your new semester, or complete assignments. One of the best ways to deal with school stress is to prepare for the start of the school ahead of time so you feel ready to hit the ground running.

How to stress less: Set aside a couple of hours each week to plan for next semester, do any reading or assignments, and set out a plan on how you want to really crush the next semester or school year.


Establish a positive morning routine

A killer morning routine can help you to increase productivity and maximize happiness, so don’t wait for the first day back at school to set yourself up for success. Get yourself a bedtime routine that helps you unwind and signal to your body that’s it’s time to sleep, set your alarm for the same time every day, then when you wake up, stretch your body, set your intentions, and fuel up on healthy foods.

How to stress less: Successful mornings start with a good night’s sleep. Limiting screentime before bed and ending your day with positive mantras, journaling, or guided meditation can help your mind relax and your body take proper rest. In the morning try doing a workout class or yoga to kick start your day with good energy. 


Reconnect with your classmates

The key to easing any back to school anxiety is all about connection. Staying in touch with your classmates and college friends through the break is a fun and easy way to reduce feelings of social anxiety. Chances are, they’re feeling the stress of heading back to class just as much as you. Talk openly about what’s making you feel anxious and listen to others as they share things that are troubling them, and you may find you can help each other work through things. 

How to stress less: Set up a group chat to talk about all-things back to school and connect over conversations about anything and everything from the latest TikTok trends to school work that’s stressing you out. Together you’ll be able to conquer that anxiety and feel excited about getting back to class.


Schedule some self care

Summer break is a time for chilling out—especially if you’ve experienced feelings of academic burnout. It’s a time for new experiences, for learning about who you are and the person you want to be. It’s also a great time to channel good vibes inward and practice more self care.

How to stress less: Focus on your health and wellbeing goals, start a new workout or physical activity, take up something creative, get plenty of rest, eat right, and just let your mind relax.


Disconnect from negative influences

With so many influences—both online and offline, vying to inform the choices you make every day, it’s so important to cut out the negative chatter and focus your energy on the voices that lift you up and support feelings of happiness. 

How to stress less: Take regular social media breaks, do a digital detox and reduce your device time, go for more walks and be outside in nature, stay true to your own beliefs and values, and surround yourself with positive folk who bring out the best in you.


Positivity and gratitude is a practice, so don’t feel bad if you have down days or feel stressed. It’s all a process but with a little focus on self care and you-time, you can crush those feelings of back to school anxiety and start the semester feeling strong.