Four friends walking down a street together.

Packing for a Sleepover? What You Need to Know

Kelly Meehan Brown Mar 05, 2024

Movies, popcorn, binge-watching your favorite TV shows, and blaring Taylor or Bey. Or maybe you’re board game fanatics, or taking down enemies on the Xbox. There’s nothing like spending the night at your friend’s place to bring the gang together and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Whether it’s your first time attending or you’re a seasoned pro, you want to ensure you’re set up to have the best time possible. Having all the necessities on hand, packed up nicely in your bag, will set your mind at ease and calm any last-minute jitters. After all, getting out of your comfort zone is a big deal—so kudos to you for that.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top packing essentials for your next sleepover.



Might seem like a no-brainer, but having your fave (or even brand-new) PJs with you is key. Maybe you and your friends decided on a color theme and so you have to decide the best ones to match, or you’re excited to show off your favorite onesie. 

Whatever your choice, make sure you’ll be comfortable in it and try to pack them near the top of your roomy Landings Pack so you can access it easily later on in the night (after the sugar rush has kicked in!)



Toothbrush? Check. Cleanser? Check. Deodorant? Check. Hairbrush, hair ties, hair serum? Check! This category is the easiest to overlook, but a good tip is to go through your nighttime and morning routine the day before the sleepover and make a mental note of everything you use. 

And don’t just throw them into your main bag, where they can easily disappear down the bottom. Consider using a Dopp Kit to nicely and neatly store it all so you can grab and go when you need it.



Another must-have, probably in the same bag as your toiletries, are any medications that you take daily. Lump this in with your skin care above so it can fit into your daily routine—making it more likely you remember to take your meds.


Extra Clothes

What if you spill soda all over your shirt throughout the night, or you guys make last-minute plans for the next day? It’s always a good idea to have a change of clothes with you. 

If a clothing swap is part of your plans, you might also like to bring some unwanted clothes so you can leave with new-to-you ones. Pack up your Superbreak Away Duffel with your choices, and you’ll be set. 


Sleeping Bag, Pillow or Blanket

Make sure you check with the host for this one, but if there’s a group of you staying over, it might be an idea to come prepared with your own sleeping arrangements. Maybe you’ll be camping out in the backyard or snuggled up in sleeping bags on the living room floor—or you just can’t sleep without your own pillow. Whatever the case, ask the host and prepare whatever you might need.


Snacks and Treats

Check if anyone in your sleepover gang has allergies before packing your favorite snacks, but once you know the answer, it’s always nice to show up with the goods. You might even consider baking some cupcakes or cookies to bring over in your Lunch Break bag—you’ll really be everybody’s favorite then! 



Don’t make the mistake of assuming your friends will have spare chargers—or ones that fit. Bring the juice you’ll need yourself so you don’t face the horror of a dead phone mid TikTok sharing. 

If you want to bring your laptop, make sure you bring the charger for that too. It will fit nicely in the Landings Packlaptop sleeve, so it won’t take up precious snack space.


Emotional Support Water Bottle

This one almost goes without saying. No matter whether you’re team Stanley or team Hydro Flask, you can’t very well leave home without water. Make sure it’s filled up and easily at hand by slipping it in the water bottle pocket of your backpack.



Got a card game you can’t wait to share? Maybe a new board game your cousins showed you over the holidays? Bring it with you and teach your friends! Or perhaps you’re the one with the PlayStation or Xbox—ask the host, but it could be fun to bring it over so you can all play your favorite video games together. 

If your console feels heavy, pop it in your wheeled Drivers 8 Backpack with your other essentials so you don’t have to lug it around. 


Good Vibes

The most important thing on the list: Remember to have fun with your friends! That’s what sleepovers are really all about. Go with a positive attitude and a readiness for wholesome antics and you’re sure to have the best time. Happy sleepover!