CA Supply Chain Act of 2010

CA Supply Chain Act of 2010

California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010

JanSport products are a part of life for millions around the globe and we value those who help us make this happen by ensuring safe, ethical and lawful manufacturing conditions. To ensure these are met, JanSport, as a part of the VF Corporation follow our Global Compliance Principles established in 1997.

We work hard to ensure that every individual enjoys a clean, safe work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. JanSport supports the right to fair compensation and the right to associate freely and bargain collectively.

Consistent with internationally recognized labor standards, the GCP specifies working conditions for our employees, suppliers and vendors, ensuring that wherever our products are produced, each and every item reflects our values. These and other rights are embodied in our Global Compliance Principles. 

Global Compliance Principles