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Book Bags

There’s nothing worse than your teen’s book bag being torn to shreds by mid-point of the semester. But, when you buy your book bags from JanSport, that’s something you won’t ever have to worry about. We make the only book bags for teens that are durable enough to last the entirety of their academic careers. Why settle for less when you can buy a book bag that lasts? Shop at and find out why parents and teens alike prefer JanSport!

Shop at for the Perfect Book Bag for Your Student

The book bag is one of your teen’s most important pieces of school equipment. It not only serves a key function, it also shares your teen’s unique sense of style with the world. And in the middle- and high-school environment, this latter issue is more important than parents tend to think! That’s why JanSport offers such a wide variety of book bags. With so many colors, patterns, and design options, we have the perfect book bag for every student.

Shop online at for our extensive selection of book bags for teens. Buy your book bag direct from JanSport and you won’t only save money, you’ll also enjoy the industry’s very best guarantee.