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Out on the open road, it’s just you and your bag. Whether you’re out with friends or taking a trip solo, it’s good to know that there’s always someone to have your back. We’d like to be that someone.

There and Back Again: Our Best Travel Backpacks

There’s nothing worse than being halfway around the world when your backpack strap gives out. That’s why we make each bag to make it back home safe when you do. Boating trips, crowded trains, luggage racks, and hostel bedsides: our bags can take even the wild trips that have you starting every story with, “I swear I’m not making this up-” If your trip gets crazier than even we anticipated, you can also get a bag repaired or replaced. We know it’s hard to let go of a bag that’s been through so much with you, which is why we do our best to repair damage rather than replace bags. Keep the bag that helped you live the stories and for keeping things comfortable, we’ve got just the bag you need. Compression straps to keep the weight settled, padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap for running through the airport, and breathable mesh back panels for exploring a new city with your daypack: we’ve got it all. The water-resistant exterior protects your things while the adjustable straps protect your shoulders.

Stand Out In A Crowd With Your Travel Pack

Looking to pick a bag you can spot from a mile away on the luggage belt? JanSport has the best travel bag selection around. Pick an eye-popping shade of red, a beautiful floral print, or a far-out galaxy pattern for the best carry-on travel backpack. Even if you’ve got an eye for the simple things, a sturdy black, blue, or checked pattern can’t hide the sleek lines and eye for detail packed into each bag. Once you’ve got your carry-on size bag settled, make sure you check out our duffel bags for the business traveler or wandering nomad lifestyle. Get all the functionality you need with a style that can keep your spirits up on multi-day trips.

The World In One Travel Backpack

When you’re living out of a bag, you want to make sure that one-bag travel is on the table. Find the best backpack for everything from an overnight trip to a round-the-world gap year that takes weeks or months. Clothes, shoes, souvenirs, laptops, food, toiletries: if you need it, you can pack it, and place our bags under the seat when traveling. Plus, check out our selection of Accessory Pouches or Fanny Packs for even more sorting and storing of valuables. You don’t need dividers and packing cubes to keep everything straight in your bag. We’ve got bags with plenty of zipper pockets for even the most organized travelers. From a laptop backpack with a protective laptop compartment (also perfect for commuters!) to top-loading bags for globetrotters of all kinds, there are plenty of bags to choose from. The padded straps let you pack more with less discomfort, so fill your laptop sleeve, main compartment, and side pockets with everything you need: no need to skimp.

How To Pack a Backpack for Travel On A Plane?

  1. Check your airline’s size restrictions and make sure your bag will fit under the seat, within the personal item, or carry-on bag size limits. The average-sized school backpack will likely work as a personal item, while a bigger bag or duffel makes excellent carry-on luggage. Make sure any pins or patches are well secured and won’t fall off in transit.
  2. Compress all the travel gear you can to make sure your bag will fit within size restrictions. To save space, roll clothes and nest items, like stuffing your shoes with rolled-up socks.
  3. Pack electronics and chargers in easy-access pockets and make sure your toiletries are equally grabbable for going through TSA checks and other security. Bonus tip: bring an empty water bottle in your water bottle pocket to fill on the other side of security!

What Size Backpack Is Best For Traveling?

Depending on how you travel, your mileage may vary. If you need to fit a bag into airline personal item restrictions, make sure to check the size guidelines for your airline. If you’re going to be out trekking for longer than a weekend trip, you may want to think bigger. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you only want to pack the essentials, and you want a bag that reflects that. Bulkier is often not better when it comes to travel, as it can cost extra or get in your way. Pack minimalist!