Mesh Backpacks

Elevate your everyday carry with JanSport mesh backpacks–a collection that combines transparency with trend-setting design. Dive into the unique features of our mesh backpacks and find out why they’re more than accessories, but statements of style and functionality.

Eco Mesh Packs that Bring Sustainable Style in Focus

The Eco Mesh Pack stands out as one of the best mesh backpacks available and proudly showcases JanSport's commitment to sustainability. Crafted from 100% recycled main body materials, this eco-friendly mesh backpack aligns with sustainable values.
This mesh backpack boasts a fully padded back panel for comfort during extended wear. The mesh laptop sleeve keeps your tech secure, while the front zippered pocket and dual side water bottle pockets add practicality to the style. Function effortlessly with the lightweight Eco Mesh Pack, where sustainability meets innovative design. It's available in three distinct and stylish colors to ensure that your personal style is always on display.

See Everything with Mesh Bags

The JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack takes center stage when you need everything in sight. This transparent mesh backpack is the epitome of transparency and organization, featuring a front utility pocket and an internal hanging pocket for your essentials. Whether you're off to a concert or sporting event, the padded shoulder straps ensure comfort on the go, while zippered stash pockets add an extra layer of convenience. The minimalist design speaks volumes, offering a clear choice for those who value practicality without sacrificing style.

Mesh Backpacks with Unmatched Features

The Eco Mesh Pack and the Mesh Pack Backpack share standard features that set them apart. Padded shoulder straps guarantee comfort during your daily commute or weekend adventures. Zippered pockets and utility compartments offer seamless organization, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. The minimalist design of our mesh backpacks, including the net backpack and netted backpack styles, is the best of modern style, making a statement no matter what.

Shop JanSport Mesh Backpacks

With a legacy of over 50 years, JanSport continues redefining backpack design standards. Our mesh backpacks are some of the best mesh bookbags and net backpack options available and are a testament to innovation, sustainability, and unmatched quality. Whether you opt for the eco-friendly appeal of the Eco Mesh Pack or the clear visibility of the Mesh Pack Backpack, JanSport Mesh Backpacks deliver clarity in every detail.