*Calculated based off of a 16fl/oz, 9.89g plastic bottle and seasonal data starting May 2022.

It is our mission to provide more and more products created from recycled material, focusing on using recycled fabrics in our main compartments, backpack body fabrics, pouches and totes as well as making choices to reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible. Our new backpacks use fabrics from recycled textile waste that offer the durability and strength of our classic looks and repurpose old plastics. Shop recycled backpacks in various colors and patterns, like the Main Campus Backpack or the Superbreak Away Duffel 40L Bag for overnight trips or weekend getaways. The 100% recycled 600 denier polyester main body fabric is built to withstand everything you can throw at it, so you can help the planet while getting a product you know you can rely on.

Our backpacks and bags made from recycled materials have all the same features as our standard bags, including supportive shoulder straps, laptop sleeves, side pockets, and water bottle holders. We also have a wide variety of accessories and smaller bags that are also made from 600D. For the perfect on-the-go essentials holder, check out our Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack, or grab a Basic Accessory Pouch to match your favorite backpack.

The Half Pint Mini Backpack is also made from recycled 600 Denier Polyester and is great for on the go. These stylish and practical mini backpacks are ideal for carrying essentials when you’re out and about for the day. Whether you’re looking for large backpacks, medium backpacks, small backpacks, or even Adaptive Backpacks, you can get a high-quality bag made from recycled materials that helps make our world greener and more earth-friendly. Each of our recycled products uses sustainable materials that help reduce waste, decrease the amount of plastic bottles that find their way to landfills, and lessen our carbon footprint.

Get the quality and durability you know, and trust from JanSport’s lifetime warranty while helping us move towards a more sustainable, green way of life.