Whether you're a passionate activist or a nature-loving adventurer, you understand the importance of responsible material sourcing, long-lasting durability, and minimizing your environmental footprint. With JanSport, you'll never have to compromise on any of these values. Explore the world with JanSport's reliable collection of sustainable backpacks time and time again.

The Restore Collection of Sustainable Backpacks

Discover the epitome of stylish and functional eco-consciousness–The Restore Collection. These environmentally friendly backpacks go beyond the functionality that has put JanSport on the map; they're a testament to our unwavering commitment to the environment. From responsibly sourced materials to a carbon-neutral supply chain, we keep Mother Nature at the forefront of our Restore designs. If you need an environmentally friendly backpack for daily errands and school or grand adventures, the Restore Pack is ideal. Our eco-friendly backpacks and bags are made from RENU® recycled waste fabric, 100% surplus webbing and cording, and 100% recycled polyester labels.

Versatile Sustainable Backpack Solutions

Our range of sustainable backpacks and bags are your passport to an eco-conscious lifestyle no matter where life takes you. Ideal for a weekend escape, city strolls, off-road adventures, and hiking trails, they embody our deep respect for Mother Nature. Crafted from 100% recycled materials, they are not only durable but also represent our commitment to zero waste. By sourcing sustainably, we're breaking free from endless production cycles and the burden of never-ending landfills. With sustainability as our guiding star, these products invite you to embrace a minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle.

Your Everyday Eco-Friendly Backpack

Our eco-friendly backpacks are not just accessories; they're the embodiment of functionality, innovation, and triumph. Designed for heavy-duty, everyday use, they will be your loyal companion on every adventure, workout, or getaway. With main compartments, dedicated laptop sleeves, and side pockets for water bottles, they've got you covered. Don't miss our Surplus Extra Large Tote bag—it's the ideal mixture of readiness and style wrapped in eco-friendly materials. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing your unique style and personal expression. Our sustainable backpacks celebrate community and inclusivity at their core. Join the eco-conscious movement today and make a statement with JanSport's sustainable backpacks.