Build your connection to the Earth with these high-quality, eco-friendly backpacks. Activists, young and old, care about where their materials are sourced, how long they'll last, and how they'll impact the Earth. You will never have to compromise with this collection of environmentally-conscious everyday backpacks. Take the Restore Collection as an example. These sustainable bags keep the environment top of mind from their sustainably-sourced materials to their carbon-neutral supply chain and more. Whether for daily use or special trips, take these carry-ons and bags made from recycled materials with you forever and always.

Versatile Sustainable Backpacks, Bags and Fanny Packs

Perfect for a weekend getaway, the Restore Tote and Restore Waist Pack are perfect for city-walkers, off-road running, and hiking. With our sustainable backpacks, you'll never have to sacrifice your freedom—or the Earth's. Constructed from 100% recycled trim and main body materials, Mother Nature is top of mind. These new backpacks, totes, and waist packs are zero waste, durable, and functional. Always sourced sustainably when we can, we close the loop on never-ending production lines and forever-lasting landfills. With sustainable materials at the forefront, feel free to consume in a minimalist, clear mindset.

Best eco-friendly backpacks

They are functional, innovative, triumphant, and made for heavy-duty, everyday use. Bring these bags with you for each adventure, workout, and getaway. The backpacks made from recycled materials have a main compartment, laptop sleeve, and side pockets for water bottles. Check out the minimalist tote bag for on-the-go readiness coupled with rigid, eco-friendly materials. Take the waist pack for a spin around the city on wheels, board, or foot. Never sacrifice individuality and expression when repping sustainability. Don't be shy to celebrate with community and inclusivity at the roots of these sustainable products.